I’m Thankful For… The Late Edition

Ok, Ok, I know I’m a few days behind! But for good reason. So here are a few more things I’m thankful for.

Day 22 – Second chances!

Day 23 – The internet. I’m trying to pack for a trip to Hawaii in 4 days (HOORAY! :) ) and it has become quite the challenge. 3 kids under 5 on an airplane for over 6 hours?? Thanks to the internet, I can simply Google “Travel Plane Children” and be directed to a plethora of different sites with tricks and tips I never would have thought of myself.

Day 24 – Friends and Family that have more experience than me! So here’s where you come in… anyone have some great tips for me regarding travel with kids? I need tips for the plane or even tips for packing. I’m up for anything. Help!