Next Time, I’m Taking Pictures

Seen in the checkout line at Wal-Mart:

A man pushing a cart full of Doritos (probably 7 or 8 bags) and 4 gallons of skim milk. Why the skim?? :) In front of him – A man pushing a cart with 2 warehouse size boxes of diapers in different sizes, 3 cases of beer and an orange vest. Yes, this was the entire contents of their carts. Maybe I’m the only one amused?

Layaway Is Back!

Layaway is back at Sears! Don’t be tempted to use your credit cards this holiday season to guarantee your purchases. Just put your items on layaway, pay a down payment and spread out the payments until Christmas! For example, with Sears Layaway I can go pick up these super cute boots for Bug ($19.99):

A Craftsman 32 pc. General Purpose Tool Set for Marc ($59.99):

And a Kitchen-Aid for…me. I wish! :) ($299.99):

I just take them to a register with 20% cash (around $75), then set aside around $60 a week until they are ready for Christmas! Doesn’t that make more financial sense than 1) Finding the cash to do it all right now (and more, since I’m sure to be buying more presents than this…) and 2) Putting it on a credit card and having to pay interest!

Buying items on layaway makes it easier to stay within your budget since you don’t actually get to take home the product until it’s paid off. But Sears also sells quality products with name brands you can trust, so you know you are getting your monies worth!

Also, be sure you know all of the details regarding layaway plans before you commit. Some items are not eligible for layaway and fees may be applicable. Happy Shopping!