Musical Monday – Starting All Over Again

My first Musical Monday for 2010 is Starting All Over Again as sung by IZ. It is a cover of the Hall and Oats song, but I like the island flavor IZ gives on this version.

It’s a new week of a new year and we’re starting all over again. For some of us, it’s going to be rough. But we’re gonna make it! Happy Monday!

A Resolution?…Hmmm…

Happy New Year! Since Januray 1st is National Hangover Day, I think today marks the first real day of the year. Even if you didn’t drink and party on New Years Eve, you probably have a hangover from something….food, kids on a massive sugar high, Diet Coke, Ryan Seacreast. I have a Band Hero hangover. I think I need to go to the Doc on Monday and see if I pulled something in my wrist from frantic over-strumming. Of course, everyone is asking about my resolution. If a resolution is a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner, well…that’s a problem for me. I’m totally indecisive and moody. If I can’t even decide how my day is going to go, how can I possibly decide to do something for an entire year?? Not gonna happen. So I decide to live my life by the seat of my pants as usual. Here’s to seeing great things happen in 2010!