What I Learned This Week/Aloha Friday #14

What I Learned This Week

Parents aren’t the only ones who can tune out annoying toys

Utah is capable of being the dirtiest at something

Money can’t buy happiness or perfection (She looked WAY better before…)

The Best Is Yet To Be

I have everything I need – Others aren’t so lucky (Click here to donate to the American Red Cross)

How Wheat Works and How Wheat Works Against Me

Aloha Friday

Kailani at An Island Life does Aloha Friday and here is what she has to say:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question to you is:

Does your TP roll over or under? And have you voted?

Even though I have to admit rolling under would solve some of the issues with my kids un-rolling the TP everywhere, I still can’t stand it. OVER ALL THE WAY!  And no, I haven’t voted. But I did think the commercial with the guy and his swiveling tp holder was pretty funny.

The Potty Dance??

Have you seen this commercial? Did you laugh as hard as I did? My favorite would probably have to be the garbage man…. Oh my.

An Open Letter To Murphy

Dear Murphy -

Someone (besides me) must have really disliked you. Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Nice namesake. Well, I hate you and your stupid law. I know I shouldn’t have left the water bottle filled with red Crystal Light within sight of an 11 month old. But if it weren’t for your law, my baby would never find a way to obtain the bottle, open it and dump the entire contents on a basket of freshly washed clothes in a matter of seconds. White clothes, for that matter.

Can’t you append your law to give exemptions to frazzled mothers on their last strand of sanity? If I have to scrub poo off the wall again within in the next decade it will be too soon.




We took our kids to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday. As I sat there watching all of those kids eagerly running around with cups full of tokens in their hands, just hoping tickets will spill out of the machines, something dawned on me. It’s all a conspiracy! Is CEC Entertainment really run by Harrah’s? It was like I was watching a priming experiment – the quiet jingle of their tokens in a cup, the machines buzzing, the casino ambiance, the games that tease you by never letting you win…it’s all preparing them for real gaming in casinos!! Great.


(At Bubba’s 9 month check-up this morning)

Dr: He looks great. Continue feeding him foods until he gets used to different textures. Just make sure to stay away from honey, cows milk and processed sugars.

Bug: Bubba likes to eat M&M’s. And the other night, he stole my sisters sippy cup and drank her whole glass of chocolate milk!!!

Me: **sheepish smile**

This Is Way Too Cute!

If you want to see what she’s copying, check out the Beyonce video below. I don’t think I would show it to my kids – it’s pretty suggestive. But I still wish I had an alter-ego that allowed me to dance around in a leotard and heels. Beyonce’s alter-ego is named Sasha Fierce – Go Sasha! Hmmmm – what would be the name of my alter-ego? I’m going to go with Honey Sway I take it back…I’ve got to find a better name! :) )

Boo is Two!

My boo is two today! I have written a personal post on my family website. Friends and family can click here to check it out. (If you want access and don’t have it, just email me on my contact form. Don’t feel bad if I missed you – it wasn’t on purpose!!) :)

Serious Packing

I read somewhere online about a woman who packed for her kids by putting a complete outfit for each child in a ziplock bag and marking it with their name and date to be worn. Since I am going to Hawaii in a few days, I thought I would try it. Packing for 3 kids under 5 for 7 days felt like a daunting task. At first, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I was surrounded by a thousand little ziplock bags and piles of clothes… But when it was all said and done, this is what I was left with!

A wonderfully organized, easy to look through suitcase! To keep the system going, all you do is put the dirty clothes back into the ziplock at the end of the day. No more rummaging through a thousand articles of clothing trying to figure out what to wear. Hooray! Hawaii, here I come…

If you want to toot your horn about something great you’ve accomplished, head over to Mommy Community!

WW (Wordless Wednesday) – Angry

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I’m Thankful For… Day 11

I’m thankful for hugs. Especially hugs that include little, chubby, sticky fingers that wrap around the back of my neck or pat me on the shoulder. Nothing beats a sincere hug from a child.