I’m Thankful For… Day 20

I’m thankful for online/electronic banking. It hasn’t been long since I remember watching my Mom slowly going through her bank statement with a pile of receipts, a check register and a calculator. Now I can purchase something, log into my account from my BlackBerry and see the debit immediately! Amazing.

I’m Thankful For… Day 19

I’m thankful for beautiful days like today! Cool air, warm sun and a bright blue sky!

I’m Thankful For… Day 18

I’m thankful for Shout. Otherwise, all of my shirts would have permanent stains on my left shoulder…. Baby throw-up is the greatest accessory! :)

I’m Thankful For… Day 17

Monday Night Football. It gives me 3 whole hours to sit with my husband on the couch! :)

I’m Thankful For… Day 16

Great friends! I had so much fun last night.

I’m Thankful For… Day 14

A life that is “too busy”. Life would be too boring without the busy, right??

I’m Thankful For… Day 13

Baby morning breath. Don’t you wish everyone’s morning breath could be as sweet? :)

I’m Thankful For… Day 12

A nice, frothy mug of hot chocolate at the end of the day. What a great way to relax :)

I’m Thankful For… Day 11

I’m thankful for hugs. Especially hugs that include little, chubby, sticky fingers that wrap around the back of my neck or pat me on the shoulder. Nothing beats a sincere hug from a child.

I’m Thankful For… Day 10

I’m thankful for music! I love it all – happy, sad, slow, fast, hip hop, classical, country, rock. I love the way a great song can change your mood or remind you of a forgotten memory. I don’t go a day without it! :)