N”Ice” Dandruff

I love coupons and getting deals when I shop. But every now and then, I’m reminded why I have the 1 spending rule I don’t break. Beauty products are non-negotiable. I have to buy the right shampoo, conditioner, make-up, etc. etc. etc, regardless of what is on sale. And of course, I broke the one rule I don’t break. I had a few $1 off coupons for Pantene shampoo and conditioner. I actually like Pantene s & c, so that’s not the problem. The Ice Shine line (which I don’t normally use) from Pantene was not only on sale, it also had a full sized can of Ice Shine hairspray attached to each shampoo and conditioner for free. That should have been my red flag, but instead I took it as a sign of good fortune. I ended up buying the large shampoo and conditioner for only $2 each and got the 2 hairsprays as well. Not bad. (So I thought)

Yesterday, I finally used the Ice Shine hairspray. 6 hours (!) after doing my hair, I noticed this in the mirror:

I had been walking around looking like Frosty the Faux Snowman melted on my head into a large pile of dandruff. Fantastic. Note to Pantene – the Ice Shine shouldn’t turn into snowflakes after a few hours.