Become The Fantasy

The September 8th issue of Sports Illustrated has a hilarious Point After titled Please Don’t Ruin My Fantasy. Some ladies got together and started a group called WAFS, Women Against Fantasy Sports. They even sell panties that say CLOSED FOR THE FANTASY SEASON and shirts that say I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR FANTASY. My question to WAFS  is “Have you tried playing?” If no, “Why not?” If yes, “Did you lose?” Ladies, let me let you in on a secret. Fantasy sports are fun. Sure, the first year is a little scary. You may be relentlessly ridiculed for asking questions like “Who is LT and why does everyone want him?” or “Isn’t Adrian a girls name?” But the payoff is worth it all. I’m now in my 4th season of Fantasy Football and during the games I spend time with my husband that we both enjoy. I challenge you to find me a guy who isn’t impressed that I know how many yards Larry Johnson had in the last game.  WAFS, you want your husband to think you’re a fantasy? Join his league next year. I guarantee his answer will be “You are!”