Alicia Keys Concert Review

The concert was everything I wanted it to be! Hooray! There were a few set backs before it started. We were stuck in traffic due to an accident:

And Marc’s seat was directly behind this:

But once it got going it was wonderful! Alicia’s opening act was Jermaine Paul – who also happens to be her backup singer. And let me tell you, he can SING!

Here we are in our seats. Check out the girl behind us. Hee hee! She must have not liked the flash.

Alicia made a few changes to her performance since I saw her last. (As she should - that was 6 years ago!) When I saw her in 2002, she seemed uncomfortable anywhere but seated at her piano. This time, she had some moves! She was up and dancing along with her backup singers during the fast songs. She also moved around between a microphone at center stage, 2 different keyboards on left and right stage and her grand piano just off of left stage. She sang a 2 hour set including old favorites like Fallin, A Woman’s Worth and My Boo, but she mixed in new songs like Lesson Learned, Go Ahead, Like You’ll Never See Me Again and Superwoman. My favorite surprise of the night? She sang a cover of Tender Love by Force MD’s as a duet with Jermaine. Check out this awesome video of the original song featuring Force MD’s in all their 80′s glory. 

I’m so happy she chose to perform at a smaller venue like Abravanel Hall instead of doing something at the E-Center or Energy Solutions Arena. The setting was much more intimate and everyone there was having a good time. Her voice is amazing. My favorite songs were just her and the piano. I wonder if she just plays and sings to herself a lot…I would! :) But maybe I wouldn’t last. My voice is hoarse today!