I Am Who I Am

A long time ago I worked with a woman named Jennifer at EuroComfort in the mall. She gave me a poem that she wrote and asked me to pass it on to any women I knew. She must have known more about me than she let on because I needed to hear what she had to say the day she gave me her poem. I was waiting to have my own “What’s wrong with this picture?” moment…

I found the poem in a file of old papers a few days ago and what better way to keep passing it on than to post it on my blog. So here it is. If you’re out there Jennifer, I didn’t forget what you told me!

I Am Who I Am

I am who I am
Because my mother told me to be that way.
And if I wasn’t,
Then I would surely hear about it.
I am who I am
Because the world around me told me I ought to be.
And without the world telling me,
Who, in the world, would I be.
I am who I am
Because I was shown I was beautiful.
Not only inside and out,
But everywhere throughout me.
I am who I am
Because the associates around me
Are who they are,
And that is who I should be.
I am who I am
Because I discovered what was wrong with this picture.
Why I could not, would not, and should not,
Be anything but me.
And so, I am who I am
Because I choose to be.
Not because something or somebody told me that
This is how I should be.
I am who I am
Because the sun set one day.
And it cast colors of my life that had been seen.
And many that had yet to be seen.
I am who I am
Because that day when the sun set,
I contemplated what it meant to be me.
In such a homogeneous,
Almost colorless society in which
I had created.
I became who I am
Because I found that different is good.
And that I don’t have to have my hair done
And my make-up on to be
I am who I am
Because my life has embraced me with
Strength, Courage and Ambition
To be anyone and anything
And still be proud of being me

Jennifer Brown Perkins

Due To My Fun Night…

I haven’t seen So You Think You Can Dance yet!! Aaaaaaa!

So You Think You Can Dance Recap – Week 5

(Pictures to Follow Shortly!)

First of all, I loved Cat’s look this week! She actually looked summery and fresh not stiff and boring like last week. On another note – earth to Mary Murphy! You are judging, not ballroom dancing. Terrible, terrible outfit and jewelry. Get a stylist!

Mark and Chelsie

#1 – Loved it! Chelsie really worked the dress and hair – muy caliente! :) Chelsie is a much stronger dancer than Mark, so it will be interesting to see how he does when they switch partners next week. Mark even looked a little Latin with his hair whoop-dee-doo. I thought it was hilarious when they said Alex Da Silva looked like the Brazilian Bono. I thought the same thing about his glasses!

#2 – They rock it again. I love Tyce Diorio’s choreography.

Comfort and Thayne

#1 – I totally agreed with the judges – there was no connection during this dance. At all. Comfort obviously thinks she is the greatest dancer. I would have to completely disagree with her! I’m ready for her to go this week. Poor Cat – sticking up for them and then getting reprimanded by Nigel. I bet she won’t do that again!

#2 – I usually love Mandy Moore, so I was really disappointed by this piece because it didn’t excite me at all. Meh.

Will and Jessica

#1 – This was really interesting and beautiful. I’m glad Will was the one to do it because he has incredible lines (and body!). It was nice to see something a little different. I’m glad I didn’t watch it with Lila though – wow! I didn’t really agree with them about Jessica holding her own against Will though. I felt like he was just able to “showcase” her better with this type of choreography. Unfortunately, I didn’t mute Mary before she made her dumb Tarzan comment…

#2 – I don’t really like the Quickstep, so I didn’t really like this piece. Jessica was blah. Again. I was glad Mia said what everyone was thinking – Will looks tired of carrying her and he needs another partner.

Courtney and Gev

#1 – The return of Pacha and Anya! I’m glad they are using more of the dancers from past years as choreographers. I liked this piece. I thought they danced it well. (Did you get “the message”?)

#2 – Even though all of the pieces have a theme, I feel like Courtney and Gev keep getting the really “theme-y” pieces. First, sight-seeing in NY and now a jungle expedition? I thought this one was ok. Even though I like both Courtney and Gev, they don’t seem to POP! like some of the others do. They might be in trouble again this week.


#1 – I love Lil C’s Krump choreography because it’s so BUCK! It’s just so street and gritty – I think it would be really fun to dance. I thought they did a great job with this, even though Kherington pooped out at the end. Twitch rocked it.

#2 – I wasn’t thrilled with this. They seemed to be counting (…5,6,7,8 and 1,2….)

Katee and Joshua

#1 – I don’t normally like this genre, but I liked this choreography. Katee did a great job. Joshua did well too, but his outfit made him look…chubby, I guess. I was impressed by his turns though – he is still a b-boy!

#2 – Bollywood! This is something new too..and I loved it! If they are going to start doing cultural dance, they should do a hula/haka! I loved the ending pose.

In honor of Bollywood, here is my favorite Bollywood clip…enjoy!


Bottom 3 – Comfort and Thayne, Courtney and Gev, Katee and Joshua
Eliminated – Comfort and Thayne

Daddy-Daughter Date

Last night Marc and Lila had a daddy-daughter date. They met Mark Jensen and his boys, Nate, Nick and Jake, and rode Trax up to the Bees game. It sounds like they had a blast!

The Jensen’s still have a chance to get some polynesian blood into their family. I think Jake and Lila are destined to date someday…. Jake can go on his mission and Lila will be about 21 when he gets home. Sounds just right to me! :)


I’m done with the layout tweaking for now. My brain hurts from all the creating!


“There is no charge for awesomeness… or attractiveness. ” Go see Kung Fu Panda – it’s hilarious!

Chloe’s New Vocabulary

Chloe has started saying new words every day!! It’s so fun to see her develop her own personality. (As if she didn’t have enough of one with her facial expressions!) I need to get some video clips of her talking before they really turn into “words”. One of my favorite new things she is doing is singing along to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Choo Choo Soul on the Disney Channel. She always knows when to say “Oh Toodles!” during MMC and she sings along to the “All Aboard” song with CCS.

Notice all of these words are in caps. It’s because she screams them…
HAAALP = Help. And she usually wants help to do something she shouldn’t be doing.
ANNA! OWIE! = She wants to go see Rhianna and Owen. (I’m sure she wants to see Kailey too, but we haven’t learned her name yet!)
ELCOME = You’re welcome. But she always says it when she means to say thank you!
POOOOO = She wants to swim in the pool.
I SEE = This is what she calls Max. I’m guessing it’s because Lila always says, “Can I SEE Max?”
KETCHUUUP = Any sort of dip. Ranch, ketchup, whatever.

For being so hard to take care of sometimes, she sure is entertaining.

Are You Squinting To Read This?

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Waiting Anxiously

Dad and Max – wishing football season was here.

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Chloe decided to take a rest in the pool. Oh to be a kid again.

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