On a happier note….

You have to admit, AI was pretty amazing last night. They certainly pulled out all of their celebrity favors. Along with the surprise win by Kris Allen, it was very entertaining. And Bikini Girl’s cameo made the night well worth it for all those husbands dreading a night dedicated to American Idol madness. Yay for the underdog!

Another Reason To Like Fringe

Fox decided to try running shorter commercials during Fringe with the theory that more people would actually watch them rather than flipping through the channels. And it’s working. According to the recent stats 88% of people watching other Fox dramas don’t flip during the commercials, while 92% of people watching Fringe stay tuned. Interesting! Here is a snippet from the article in the Washington Post:

Back in May, when Fox execs unveiled their 2008-09 season plans to advertisers in New York, they promised to slash ad time on J.J. Abrams‘s “Fringe” and Joss Whedon‘s midseason “Dollhouse.”

We’re going to have less commercials, less promotional time and less reason for viewers to use the remote,” Fox entertainment division Chairman Peter Liguori said. “We’re going to have more character, more content, more value.”

The network even gave it a name: Remote-Free TV.

According to Magna, “Fringe” so far has contained less than half the commercial load of the typical Fox drama. The average Fox drama is 70 percent drama, 27 percent ads. When you’re watching “Fringe” you’re getting 84 percent drama, 13 percent ads.

I guess I have another reason to love Fringe – Hooray for “Remote Free TV”!


Fringe is the new JJ Abrams show on ABC and I’m hooked. I was a hardcore ALIAS fan though, so I knew I would like Fringe too. Has anyone been watching it??  I need someone to share speculations with….

Want my recaplet of Episode 1? (Yes, recaplet. It’s the small version of what a recap should be.) Check it out HERE. I’m working on the recaplets of episodes 2-4 and should have them up soon. You can also catch up by watching the full episodes on Fox.com.

The Hills – Season 4, Episode 1

If you like The Hills and haven’t watched the season premiere, stop reading now. If you don’t like The Hills and/or “reality” shows, stop reading now. Last warning – if you don’t want to read my ramblings about people I don’t know and will never meet, stop reading now.

Lauren runs into a guy she used to date in high school – Doug. They end up going out on a date. He’s cute but after seeing the sneak preview for the season, he gets a:

At some point he starts to date Stephanie, Spencer’s sister, behind Lauren’s back! I knew there was a sneaky reason why they brought Stephanie on to the show. I’m sure she is going to cause some major drama this season.

Spencer has moved back in with Heidi just in time for her sister Holly to visit. Heidi didn’t tell him Holly was coming and hopes to get home before she arrives. Of course, Holly is early… Spencer and his flesh colored beard are oh so thrilled:

I already hate Holly and she’s been on the show for 2 seconds. So of course, she is going to move to Hollywood so she can be on the show all the time. This picture says it all:

Audrina and Lo are still fighting, so Lauren decides throw Audrina a birthday party to try and smooth things over. Lo is stuck up as she always is and doesn’t hang out at the party. Lauren tells her that she has to talk to Audrina and apologize. Lo’s “apology” is a sorry one. Here is my version:

The clips from the upcoming season look pretty dramatic. There are so many questions to be answered…Will Whitney find love? Will Lauren forgive Stephanie and Doug? Will Audrina and Lauren become frenemies? Will Heidi and Spencer survive the envasion of her wanna-be sister Holly? Oh the drama! I’m looking forward to this new season :)

It’s Almost Over…

Last night was the So You Think You Can Dance finale… I can’t believe it is almost over. This season went by so quickly!! I’m still disappointed about Will leaving, but I’m sure he will be back tonight and I can’t wait!!

After watching the performances last night, I changed my opinion about who I thought would win. I think the title of America’s Favorite Dancer will go to…


He has grown the most during the competition and he is definitely the most well rounded dancer. Thanks to Kika, Joe and Helen for sharing it with me!

SYTYCD Results!

Chelsie is gone. It was bound to happen sometime….but she looked a little surprised that it wasn’t Courtney! I think Chelsie lost a little of her appeal each week. Her Latin solos can only take her so far. She should have done something new.

I’m not surprised about Mark, although I found his solo with his suspenders entertaining.

Hmmmm – so what do you think of your top 4? Katee, Courtney, Joshua and Twitch… I guess they are competing for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer, not America’s Best Dancer. (I’m still bitter about Will!) It should be an entertaining finale though! Who wants to come over and watch it with me?? Kika??

SYTYCD Results – Week 6

:( I’m sad to see Kherington and Gev go. They both had a rough week…

So You Think You Can Dance Recap – Week 6

(Note: Fox must be cracking down on people releasing pictures and video, so I’m not sure that I’ll have any this week…)

Yay! New couple pairings and solos start this week! I like it when America gets to do the elimination instead of the judges. I also like it when you get to see each individual dancer when they aren’t in “panic” mode and trying to dance for their life. There was a surprise right at the beginning of the show – Jessica has a few broken ribs and she’s out of the competition! So Comfort is back! (Sal – you should be happy!!)

One tradition I would like to see go away? When everyone makes a stupid face and holds up their number while Cat reads off their phone number.


Joshua and Courtney

#1 – I thought this was a good pairing since Katee & Courtney are both contemporary dancers and Joshua & Gev are hip hop. They did really good, although Joshua was creeping me out a little with all his touching of Courtney during the judging. I guess he’s really happy to have been paired with her! I also wasn’t feeling his ponytail. Yuk!

#2 – Double yuk on Joshua’s ponytail and the shirt. But I LOVED Courtney in this piece. It flowed really well. Joshua has stepped up and really learned how to do different styles of dance.

Mark and Kherington

#1 – Ouch. There was trouble right out of the gate with this piece. Their turns were off and then Mark almost didn’t get his arm over Kherington’s head during her turn. They looked completely uncomfortable the whole time.

#2 – They were much more comfortable with this piece. But it wasn’t exciting at all. They are in trouble…. “Canned Heat” reminds me of Center Stage – I love that movie! (Don’t even remind me that Napoleon Dynamite ruined it…)

Comfort and Twitch

#1 – Fake it ’til you make it. That had to be their motto during this piece. They both looked like they were faking it. Badly. Very loose turns. Blah.

#2 – Thank goodness for a hip hop routine!! Yay! They really showed what they could do with this piece. Comfort needs to close her mouth when she dances though! I love Chris Brown. I’m glad they used this song.

Katee and Will

#1 – Yay! I was hoping to see them together because they are the strongest dancers. I liked this piece by Tyce, but I don’t think it showcased them very well.

#2 – HOLY. COW. My favorite of the night. Will’s pirouette gave me chills! Too bad Katee’s foot got stuck under her leg – it would have been perfect otherwise!

Chelsie and Gev

#1 – Chelsie is again the stronger dancer of the pair. I thought the choreography was interesting, especially with the song Sonia used.

#2 – Again, Gev is lucky he has Chelsie….Meh.


Chelsie – Good, as always.

Gev – Was it just me or did it look like his foot got stuck on his leg hop? Other than that, it was good.

Courtney – Good too. The large shirt always seems to say “contemporary”. :)

Mark – I wondered if he would do this piece because they showed a clip of him doing in during Vegas week. He is quirky, but I think he did his style well.

Comfort – I’m still not a fan of her solos…

Twitch – He seemed a little uncomfortable doing his solo tonight. Something was off. I just can’t put my finger on it.

Katee- I love “This Woman’s Work”. I think she did a great job and I liked her dress.

Will – He didn’t get going for a few seconds, but I thought it was good once he started.

Kherington -It was alright. Did you check out her little booty shake at the end there??

Joshua – Bringin out the Michael Jackson. I thought he did a great job. It always takes me by surprise when he does hip hop because he does so well at the other genres.


Bottom 2:
Kherington & Comfort
Mark & Gev

Eliminated: Sadly, I have to go with Kherington and Gev.

Who is….Heidi Montag??

This was a real question on Jeopardy. As much as I love “The Hills” and reality TV – can Jeopardy be SERIOUS??