I Just Can’t Help Myself

Are you a Smartphone user? I say Smartphone user instead of “Do you use a Smartphone?” because it’s comparable to a drug. I am a CrackBerry user. I had to laugh when I saw this clip of Jerry Seinfeld making fun of us:

Having an incredibly awesome phone has ruined me forever. I don’t know what I would do without it! What a tragedy it would be if I couldn’t immediately look up the contents of V8 Splash when I wanted to. Right? Not only do I break out into a cold sweat when I can’t find my phone, I’m completely addicted to the LED light. I can feel when it is going to start blinking. It’s like I have LED light spidey senses. And when it does blink, I check it within the first few seconds. I can’t help myself. Even when I try not to check it, I start immediately wondering….

Is it an email? I wonder if it’s my gmail or work email. It could be a text… Or maybe a Facebook notification? Maybe it’s an old friend I haven’t heard from in years! Or my husband. Maybe he wants to go out tonight. Should I get a babysitter?

The little red light calls to me. It’s LED ADD. Willing me to pick up my BlackBerry and check it. So I do. And it’s….my daily HGTV eNewsletter. Darn.


I’ve been really, really busy lately and when I get too busy, I don’t blog. Which I hate. So this week, I’m doing a slash/slash/slash post which = Aloha Friday #16/What I Learned This Week/The Diet – Post 4, Day 32.

Aloha Friday

Kailani at An Island Life does Aloha Friday and here is what she has to say:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question to you is:

When you don’t have time to blog, do you write things down and try to blog about them later? Or do you just let them go?

I write things down…but I’m so far behind I don’t know if I’ll ever really post about them! Besides, who wants to hear my thoughts on American Idol Season 8 anyway?

What I Learned This Week

It’s not my birthday that make me feel old, it’s my kids birthdays. Especially when my baby turns 7…going on 17.

Lila 7th Bdaysm

You can see the glass half full or half empty. I chose half full.

Beyonce really is the hottest chick in the gamewearing Jay Z’s chain.

The Diet – Post 4, Day 32

So…I’ve been a bad girl. Last week was a really hard week for me.

#1 – I’m a stress eater. I was feeling stressed about lots of things; planning a birthday party, PTA/Primary duties, regular old motherly/household duties, etc. I’m mean, seriously – how many outfits are my kids wearing a day?? Does anyone else do 10 loads of laundry every few days?? And who has time to fold it all??

#2 – When I’m busy, it’s hard to eat every 2-3 hours. I had a couple of slip ups too. I ate 3 pieces of Papa John’s pizza and a container of garlic sauce at Lila’s birthday party. I’m PRETTY sure that wasn’t part of the diet plan. Although the garlic is healthy…right? Right? Ok, who am I kidding. I get a FAIL stamp on my head for last week.

I was really anxious about going to weigh in because I’d been so bad. But believe it or not, I was actually still down 2 pounds! I’ll take it. And I was down 4 inches around his hips and waist after 2 weeks! Hooray! So it’s working even though I’m not making it any easier on myself. I feel a renewed sense of motivation this week. 2 reasons why:

#1: (Why am I always making lists?…) Skyler gave me a very specific diet plan to follow for the next week. I love it because it’s easier for me to follow something that tells me EXACTLY what to do.

#2: The new CD we are listening to helps you figure out what makes you feel stressed out by identifying self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. Basically – am I stressed because I think I should be stressed? I don’t know. I enjoy doing all the things I do. Sometimes I just feel like it all comes at once. Maybe it’s all in my mind and I do have the time and resources to get it all done. Can I just change my attitude about it? We’ll see what I learn. If anything, I’ve already learned that these Mastering The Mind hypno-therapy CD’s put me into a coma. But I always seem to wake up right when they are done. Kinda creepy. Kinda interesting.

I’ve made a new and exciting goal for myself: I want to run in the Utah Valley Marathon! Who’s with me? When I was running intervals on the treadmill last night, I was able to do 5 sets at 8 MPH, my fastest yet! :) My friend Erica told me how much she loves to run fast (10 MPH) and I used to think she was crazy. Now I’m beginning to understand…

We’ll see what the next week brings! I’m feeling good…so bring it on!

Bad Economy, Great Excuse

Money is on everyone’s mind right now. How can it not be? Every time I turn on the TV, some money “guru” is throwing facts and figures in my face – “pay this bill down, don’t pay this bill, save here, save there, stagnation, recession, depression”. I get it. I feel it. Everyone is hurting in some way or another. But when did the bad economic situation turn into a great, all inclusive excuse? An excuse for companies to use in place of owning up to their poor management and business decisions prior to the economic downturn. An excuse for perfectly capable people to feel OK about taking advantage of programs created to help those really in need of help.

Let’s face it – If you don’t want to do something, one excuse is as good as another. Right?

The New “Super” Model?

I was kind of shocked to see the new Louis Vuitton ad featuring Mikhail Gorbachev…??!!?? Forget Gisele – it looks like politics are the new hotness. Hey Pepsi – “yes I can” see what you are doing with your new commercials. Which would you rather see hawking your favorite frosty beverage?


We took our kids to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday. As I sat there watching all of those kids eagerly running around with cups full of tokens in their hands, just hoping tickets will spill out of the machines, something dawned on me. It’s all a conspiracy! Is CEC Entertainment really run by Harrah’s? It was like I was watching a priming experiment – the quiet jingle of their tokens in a cup, the machines buzzing, the casino ambiance, the games that tease you by never letting you win…it’s all preparing them for real gaming in casinos!! Great.

The Pritikin Diet/I Should Totally Write A Diet Book

I’ve heard about the new diet rage – The Pritikin Diet. Of course, there is a book to go along with it – The Pritikin Edge: 10 Essential Ingredients for a Long and Delicious Life. I found a little excerpt online about the 10 essential ingredients. They include eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains; avoiding fast-food restaurants and high-calorie beverages; portion control; not smoking; and eliminating stress. This is groundbreaking! Who knew that eating healthy foods and avoiding fatty foods could be so good for you?? (Yes, this is sarcasm) I’m totally writing a diet book. The Cammi Conspiracy: 10 Ways Diet Books Are Tricking You Into Spending Your Money On Them.

We all know the basics. It’s the doing it part that’s hard…. I know I need motivation to keep me going. So c’mon – share with me! Who is on a New Year diet? Are you having success? What are you doing?


Did anyone catch Private Practice last night? It was a heart-breaking episode. (And one of the best so far if you ask me) A mother with 3 young children, the oldest with autism, comes to the office worried about cold symptoms her younger son is showing. They had just gotten back from Switzerland, where the oldest son was receiving therapeutic treatment for his autism. The mother is adament that her son’s autism came from vaccinations. Trying protect her younger sons, she chose to forgo vaccinating them. It turns out the cold symptoms are not from a cold. It’s measles. The entire practice has to go into quarantine. Unfortunately, the sick boy dies. But you knew he was going to. The writers were trying to make a statement.

It was eye-opening to see just how quickly a problem can escalate and just how contagious these diseases we have been protected from really are. They showed the fear of the pregnant women in the practice. Their baby could be born with birth defects from a single instant. I’m personally pro-vaccination. I don’t believe there is enough scientific or conclusive evidence that vaccinations do in fact cause autism. MMR’s also do not contain thimerosal, the mercury based preservative that is suspected of causing autism. Since there are still so many questions about the cause of autism, I don’t think it’s fair for others to choose to expose society to death from preventable diseases. However, I do think parents should make an informed decision about anything that goes into your child’s body.

I know how touchy of a subject this is. I can’t imagine the pain a mother would feel for her child having such a trial in life.

Did you see the show? What did you think?

An After-Christmas Haiku

Stuff… It’s everywhere…

Clothes, toys, candy, and much more

Aaahhh, we are so blessed!

(Now if I could just get a maid over here to pick it all up and put it away – that would be wonderful!)

Easy? Ha!

Ever since I’ve come home from Hawaii, (click this link to check out my Hawaii trip post) I’ve had a hard time getting motivated. Maybe it’s the jet lag. Maybe it’s the holiday season. Maybe I’m just incredibly lazy. There is a bright spot though. In my unbelievable slothfulness, I have discovered a long list of falsehoods I used to believe to be true.

#1 – Sleeping in is easy

Sure, sleeping in is easy. It’s the screaming at Bug to eat breakfast at warp speed because she has to leave for school in 30 seconds that I hate. All while I’m drying her hair, searching for her shoes and tracking down the missing backpack at the same time. Right about now, I’m thinking that extra hour of sleep wasn’t worth it.

#2 – Not folding the laundry is easy

Again, the act of simply not folding the laundry is easy. But have you ever tried to find a tiny pair of 5 year old sized panties in 7 loads of unfolded laundry? It’s nearly impossible! I broke out in a sweat before I finally emerged with the dang things.

#3 – Microwavable dinners are easy

Those frozen burritos might look like an easy fix for dinner when you just don’t want to cook. But look again! The search for jeans (in the remarkably huge pile of laundry) that will actually button the next day – hard.

#4 – Skipping a work out is easy

Curling up on the couch with a steamy mug of hot chocolate while the kids are napping instead of busting a move with Shawn T and your Hip Hop Abs video might sound inviting. But avoiding having your picture taken because your upper arms look like thighs growing out of shoulders? Hard. The being uncomfortable while sitting down because the muffins you scarfed down at breakfast 3 weeks ago are now muffin tops? Hard.

So in my quest to be lazy, I’ve discovered I’m actually making life harder! Lesson learned.

Melting Marshmallow Creme Body Souffle??

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is getting all of my catalogs. I got my Sephora catalog today – hooray! I love Sephora. Doesn’t it make you feel like you can cake on the red/gold glittery eye shadow and lip stick and look as good as the models?? Ha! They should have a disclaimer on each picture that says DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

One of the new items is the Philosophy Warm By The Fire set. It comes with a Double Rich Hot Cocoa Shampoo, a Melting Marshmallow Cream Body Soufflé and Gooey S’mores Lip Gloss. Hello?? I would be drinking that stuff out of the bottles in the shower!