Baby Showers

I never really thought what a funny name a “baby shower” is until I tried to explain to Lila what you do at a baby shower and why she might want to go with me.

Lila: “How old is the baby getting showered?”

Me: “Um….it’s not actually getting showered. In fact, the baby isn’t even born yet. We just give the Mom presents to help her get ready for the baby.”

Lila: “Why do you call it a baby shower? Shouldn’t it be a Mom present party?”

Me: “Yes. Yes it should. But it will have food! Probably lots of yummy desserts.”

Lila: “Ok. I’ll go then. I still don’t know why there isn’t a baby getting showered though.”

Adorable presents. Yummy food. Beautiful Mommy-To-Be. Good company. Great afternoon.

SYTYCD Par-tay!

Anyone interested in coming over to watch So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow? We have high definition!