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OK Carola – you put me to shame with your immaculate house!! But I’m just keeping it real, so don’t judge me by these pictures! My house is usually clean from 11 PM – 7 AM. So… unless anyone out there is planning on sleeping over anytime soon, you won’t see it clean! But that’s ok, this is my life. We’re busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way! By the way, I checked the blogs of those of you who had this challenge and you all have clean houses. I hope none of you cheated…. :)
Here are the rules:
NO cleaning
NO straightening
NO wiping kids noses…
Take these pictures RIGHT NOW!
Laundry Room

This is a good day….

Downstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom (Kids)

Master Bathroom

Kitchen Sink


Self Portrait
MySpace anyone?? :)

Favorite Room
OK, OK, I realize this isn’t actually a room, but it is the ceiling fan in my bedroom. When I see it, it means I’m going to bed. Hooray!

Favorite Shoes
At least for the moment. See closet picture.

Where Are Your Kids?
Lila – At her first day of Kindergarten! But I took this picture of her (and her newly painted purple fingernails) before she left.

Chloe – Getting into trouble.”What Mom? I’m just rubbing this cookie into the carpet…no big deal…”
Max – Runny nose and shirt covered with throw up. As usual. But still really cute!
Dream Vacation
But I still really, really want to go to NYC. That’s probably my “reality” vacation.
I tag…. Jen, Amy and Ra!