My Poor Baby

Lila woke up yesterday looking like this:

Her forehead and the corners of her eyes were totally swollen. Yes, I totally freaked out. I ripped her room apart in search of a spider or some other bug that may have bitten her and held her eyes under the faucet while I called the Dr. 30 minutes later, we were at the Dr’s office and were told that it was some type of allergic reaction to something. To what – I have no idea. We haven’t changed detergents, we didn’t go anywhere different, and we didn’t eat any new foods. I’m totally stumped. She was in good spirits later in the day, but she still looked like a cat…
Her eyes look even worse today:

She looks like she went 10 rounds in a boxing ring, but she says it doesn’t hurt her at all. In fact, last night she went into the bathroom and screamed when she looked in the mirror because she forgot how she looked! I feel so bad for her.