Battle Of The Marshmallows

Chloe reached up on the pantry shelf
To grab down the bag of sugar
She didn’t listen to her mom yelling “No!”
Because she is such a booger
Mom grabbed at the bag, Chloe held on tight
Who knew it would turn into such a fight
The bag was ripped, the mallows spilled
Chloe reached down to get her fill

And the Battle was won

Seriously…WHAT IS THAT??!!??

Chloe was yelling from the bathroom that she wanted to AASH, AASH! (wash her hands) When I got to the bathroom, this is what I found in her hot little hand:

After my screaming and dry heaving subsided, I discovered it was actually a chocolate marshmallow. Whew! Chloe thinks I’m crazy now. Just take a look at her face! I was laughing so hard the picture is blurry.