My Busy Lila

Lila has been pretty busy this Christmas season! She had her first school Christmas program….

“Christmas is bells ringing ’round the town”

Her first ballet recital….

Lila and her best friend Madison

Our great neighbors and friends, The Murdochs (Madison’s family)

And she beat the pants off her Uncle Todd the first time she went rock climbing!

She does it all!

My Poor Baby

Lila woke up yesterday looking like this:

Her forehead and the corners of her eyes were totally swollen. Yes, I totally freaked out. I ripped her room apart in search of a spider or some other bug that may have bitten her and held her eyes under the faucet while I called the Dr. 30 minutes later, we were at the Dr’s office and were told that it was some type of allergic reaction to something. To what – I have no idea. We haven’t changed detergents, we didn’t go anywhere different, and we didn’t eat any new foods. I’m totally stumped. She was in good spirits later in the day, but she still looked like a cat…
Her eyes look even worse today:

She looks like she went 10 rounds in a boxing ring, but she says it doesn’t hurt her at all. In fact, last night she went into the bathroom and screamed when she looked in the mirror because she forgot how she looked! I feel so bad for her.

Flashback Friday – Cosmo

Last night Marc and Dan Parkinson bravely took the kids to BYU to meet the athletes and Cosmo at the Cougar Kickoff while Rhianna and I played Bunco. Not only did we have a fun night with the girls, it looks like the guys had a great time with the kids! Can you believe these two with double strollers??? I bet 5 years ago they never would have guessed they would have 5 (!) kids between them.

They had some fun activities for the kids and as usual, Lila jumped right in. She is definitely built to be an athlete. She’s even running with the track team in flip flops! I love the second picture. The other kids are just jogging along – but not Lila. She’s full out running with her hair flying!
Now for the Flashback. Lila took a picture with Cosmo last night, but I still remember the first time she met him in September 2005. We pointed him out to her while the game was going and once she saw him, she couldn’t wait to meet him. She kept screaming, ” ‘Osmo, ‘Osmo!”Cosmo was standing on the field and we ran down to catch him. Lila didn’t even hesitate to jump to him across the railing. But she looked a little scared of him last night!