Flashback Friday – Happy Halloween!


Flashback Friday – Hugging A Llama

Flashback Friday

This isn’t really my flashback. This flashback belongs to my brother-in-law Eric’s wife, Paige. Paige probably doesn’t know this, but I think of her every time I buy milk.  Why? Because of this lovely post she made last year.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Time Flies When You’re Drinking Milk

During these years of motherhood, when so many days seem to be the same, I have found myself reminded of time passing by the dates on the gallons of milk I buy. As I heft the gallons out of the slider rows I see the printed date and realize that time is indeed flying by.

Yesterday’s milk cartons had December 14th stamped on them which puts it in perspective, even though we do have our tree already, that Christmas is just around the corner.

Milk cartons often remind me of upcoming birthdays, including my own. I know it’s coming but when you see your date, or one close to it, stamped on the carton, that makes it real.

I have lots more to blog about, pictures to post — taken with our new camera — but that will have to do for tonight. Milk anyone?

Isn’t that great?

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Flashback Friday x Dos

I didn’t do a Flashback Friday last week. So this week I’m going to do two!

#1 – My Friend Ra

5 years ago tomorrow I was in Cincinnati with my friend Reathanak, watching her marry the love of her life, LaMarque. We had such a fun week together getting ready. When August 30th finally came, she looked beautiful, the ceremony was wonderful and the reception went without a hitch. I’m so glad I was able to share their special day with them. So in honor of Ra, here are some pics.

Ra – Sorry I missed your call the other day. Maybe we can talk on Monday when you have some time away from work? And no, you aren’t a bad friend because you are a dedicated mother of 3, a full time employee, a supportive wife, a faithful member of your church and much much more. I love you because you are all those things!


Going to the club…

Almost time for the wedding!

Ra is so beautiful and LaMarque is….LaMarque!! :)

#2 – August 31st is also a great day because it’s my BIRTHDAY!! Go Cammi, it’s my birthday…I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday…

#1 – Mmmmmm, cake….

#3 – so dramatic!

#4 – A mom in the making…

#8 – Joe, get your finger out of my cake!

#13 – Nice scrunchie – ow!

#15 – what a little brat I am..

#18 – in Florida! Thanks for the beautiful cake Mama!

#23 – Roses and a blanket…2 of my favorite things!

#24 – Pregnant with Chloe!

#25 – I was pregnant with Max…and #26 – ???

Just kidding!! I’m so not pregnant!!!

Flashback Friday – Cosmo

Last night Marc and Dan Parkinson bravely took the kids to BYU to meet the athletes and Cosmo at the Cougar Kickoff while Rhianna and I played Bunco. Not only did we have a fun night with the girls, it looks like the guys had a great time with the kids! Can you believe these two with double strollers??? I bet 5 years ago they never would have guessed they would have 5 (!) kids between them.

They had some fun activities for the kids and as usual, Lila jumped right in. She is definitely built to be an athlete. She’s even running with the track team in flip flops! I love the second picture. The other kids are just jogging along – but not Lila. She’s full out running with her hair flying!
Now for the Flashback. Lila took a picture with Cosmo last night, but I still remember the first time she met him in September 2005. We pointed him out to her while the game was going and once she saw him, she couldn’t wait to meet him. She kept screaming, ” ‘Osmo, ‘Osmo!”Cosmo was standing on the field and we ran down to catch him. Lila didn’t even hesitate to jump to him across the railing. But she looked a little scared of him last night!

Flashback Friday – JoLynn

I’m really excited to see my friend JoLynn today. She’s from California and we’ve been friends for a long time – 11 years! I haven’t seen her for a while and she now has a little baby girl that I can’t wait to meet. I went to visit her in California during Thanksgiving break 10 years ago and it was my first time going to the San Francisco area. It was so much fun! These pictures are from our trip to the Bay Bridge.

Flashback Friday – Some Things Never Change

Who can resist taking a picture with a gorilla? Ryan was so little in the first picture..hee hee!

Flashback Friday – The Child Who Never Smiled

My parents had a friend take some pictures of me and I wouldn’t smile! I was camera shy. (I still am!) My hair used to be really, really thin. When they took it out of the ponytail, I looked like I had been electrocuted :)