Flashback Friday x Dos

I didn’t do a Flashback Friday last week. So this week I’m going to do two!

#1 – My Friend Ra

5 years ago tomorrow I was in Cincinnati with my friend Reathanak, watching her marry the love of her life, LaMarque. We had such a fun week together getting ready. When August 30th finally came, she looked beautiful, the ceremony was wonderful and the reception went without a hitch. I’m so glad I was able to share their special day with them. So in honor of Ra, here are some pics.

Ra – Sorry I missed your call the other day. Maybe we can talk on Monday when you have some time away from work? And no, you aren’t a bad friend because you are a dedicated mother of 3, a full time employee, a supportive wife, a faithful member of your church and much much more. I love you because you are all those things!


Going to the club…

Almost time for the wedding!

Ra is so beautiful and LaMarque is….LaMarque!! :)

#2 – August 31st is also a great day because it’s my BIRTHDAY!! Go Cammi, it’s my birthday…I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday…

#1 – Mmmmmm, cake….

#3 – so dramatic!

#4 – A mom in the making…

#8 – Joe, get your finger out of my cake!

#13 – Nice scrunchie – ow!

#15 – what a little brat I am..

#18 – in Florida! Thanks for the beautiful cake Mama!

#23 – Roses and a blanket…2 of my favorite things!

#24 – Pregnant with Chloe!

#25 – I was pregnant with Max…and #26 – ???

Just kidding!! I’m so not pregnant!!!