Day 2 – August 2nd

August 2nd – Meditating for 30 minutes. This is harder for me than you might imagine. Someone always needs something from me. They need to be entertained, be read to, I’m cooking for someone, playing a game with them, and on and on. Then when I’m not doing something for someone else, I’m reading or watching a show or cleaning or working or something! I hate feeling like I’m wasting time. I wanted to take just 30 minutes out of my day and do nothing. Just sit, think and have a clear mind. What better place to do that than at the cabin? While the Dads and the big kids were out on an overnight hike, I snuck outside and took some time to myself. It’s amazing how great you feel after hitting the pause button for just a few minutes! The sound of the creek running by and the clean mountain air helped too.

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