Day 1 – August 1st

August 1st – 12:05am. Time to start my birthday month off with a bang. Or just a good scare in true Kepo’o fashion. I’m lucky enough to be at the cabin so I have some fun things I’ll be able to do here that I wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else. First item to cross off my list: Complete the apple challenge = Walk from the cabin in the dark to the Payette River bridge and back without being killed by a wild animal, the Blair Witch, fear, loss of blood from tripping and cutting myself in the dark or anything else I can conjure up in my mind while jogging in the dark. Why is it called the apple challenge? Back when the Blaser family used to torture Todd, they would put an apple on the bridge, then bet him he couldn’t go get it off of the bridge in the dark and bring it back as proof of going all the way. Todd would go and gnaw the apple down to it’s core on the way back. It’s hard to explain just how dark and scary this road is at night without being there, but here is a video of the road (with a speed increase of 4x) during the day.

And here is a picture I took of myself on the bridge.

Yeah, it was that dark and I was too scared to stop and turn on the flash. On the way there, I heard something out in the trees. It was rock falling on rock, like something was coming down the hill towards me. I thought it was Marc trying to scare me. I yelled at the sound and said “If I mace you, it’s your fault!” and kept running. When I made it back to the cabin, he was there calmly playing a game of Shanghai with Todd. So it was probably a wolf or a bear waiting to eat me. Yikes. But I did it, I survived and I’m proud. It’s kind of an exclusive club. Todd and I rock.


  1. Gims says:

    ?? 4:29 pmmohsen ??????:ghable evjdzaeam moshaver be man goft ke ba in case ke dar nazar dari ezdevaj nakon va alan afsoos mikhoram ke chera be harfesh gush nakardam va alan bad az 2 sal zendegie msohtarak daram az ahmsaram joda misham

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