Lazy President’s Day

We had a lazy President’s Day today because I didn’t feel great. But at least it was a good day to feel sick. I talked the kids into spending the day in bed with me writing books. They would give me the text to write, then they would illustrate the story. They all have quite the imagination. Lila didn’t want me to take any pictures of her, but I snuck one in anyway. She is also keeping her story a secret until she is finished.

Max wrote his take on “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”. His book is called “Blue Horse, Blue Horse”. And let me tell you, it is the creepiest blue horse you’ve ever seen. (It sort of looks like Conan)

He was deep in thought about what color/animal to choose next. I love the way he bites his nails and crosses his little legs.

Chloe wrote a book titled “The Lion Saw A Duck”. Cliffnotes version: The lion sees a duck who ends up being poisonous (he has red stripes) and the duck chases the lion home. The exhausted lion just wants some warm soup and hot cocoa and offers the duck some instead of eating him.”

Note the green smoothie on her face.

This is all I could get out of Cole before he just wanted to scribble on the sheets.

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