Why Hello Again!

It’s been a very long while since I posted last. How did I forget about you, Blog? I don’t know. Maybe it was the pregnancy. (Posts to come about Cole? Probably…) Maybe it was the Mom-ing, Wife-ing, designing, PTA-ing and everything else-ing. But here I am again. What brings me back? Adorable videos of my girls dancing at their recital for a dance clinic they took from the local High School drill team. They had a blast and the drill team earned some money! Win win for everyone!

Ice Cream and Cake – Chloe and Lila

(Chloe is in the front with the purple tutu,

Lila is on the right a couple rows back)

When Will My Life Begin – Chloe

Alice Where Are You Going? – Chloe

Hula Baby – Chloe

Dumb Love – Lila

Chicken Dance – Chloe and Lila

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