Dear So-and-So #1

Dear Idiot Parked Behind Me In The Elementary School Parking Lot -

I need to get out of my parking spot, but you are parked behind me. Perpendicularly. I asked once nicely and I won’t do it again. Get out of my way. Before I ram into you just like the Burger King commercial. And before I end up on the Channel 5 news with PTA Mom Gone Wild stamped across my forehead.


The Crazy Lady Shooting Darts At You With My Eyeballs Through The Rearview Mirror


Dear Diet Dr Pepper -

I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting you. It’s not you, it’s me. Maybe someday we can be together again.

XOXO *Cam*


Dear Harold -

I’m too old to get zits your size. Seriously. There is only so much makeup can do. So give into the Neutrogena Rapid Clear gel and get off of my chin.

Godspeed, C.


Dear Lady In The Car Next To Me On The Freeway -

Yes, I dance and sing in the car. Don’t you? Quit looking at me like that.

Love, Me


Dear Kat -

Thanks for thinking of such a fun blogging idea! It gives me a chance to say all the things I wish I could really say. I love it and can’t wait to participate again!


Aloha Friday #18

Kailani at An Island Life does Aloha Friday and here is what she has to say:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question to you is:

What is in your iPod (or Mp3 player, CD player, car, whatever!) that you just can’t stop listening to?

I have a very diverse mix of genres in my iPod (Paramore, Alicia Keys, Muse, Lady Antebellum, Kings of Leon, Gaga, Ke$ha, Madonna and Ludacris just to name a few…) but I really can’t stop listening to Michael Buble’s new song – Haven’t Met You Yet. It’s a great Aloha Friday song! :)

What I Learned This Week

Hard work pays off

King Tut had a cleft palate, club foot and malaria? That’s not what I pictured at all.

Fugu! (Excuse me?)

Crack(Berries) are not Wack

Hey! Bring It Down A Notch (Or 3)


What is this fabulous self portrait of my lower torso you ask?

I’ve moved my belt in 3 notches in the last 6 weeks! Oh Happy Wednesday!

(Catch more Wednesday posts at 5 Minutes for Mom and Seven Clown Circus)

I Just Can’t Help Myself

Are you a Smartphone user? I say Smartphone user instead of “Do you use a Smartphone?” because it’s comparable to a drug. I am a CrackBerry user. I had to laugh when I saw this clip of Jerry Seinfeld making fun of us:

Having an incredibly awesome phone has ruined me forever. I don’t know what I would do without it! What a tragedy it would be if I couldn’t immediately look up the contents of V8 Splash when I wanted to. Right? Not only do I break out into a cold sweat when I can’t find my phone, I’m completely addicted to the LED light. I can feel when it is going to start blinking. It’s like I have LED light spidey senses. And when it does blink, I check it within the first few seconds. I can’t help myself. Even when I try not to check it, I start immediately wondering….

Is it an email? I wonder if it’s my gmail or work email. It could be a text… Or maybe a Facebook notification? Maybe it’s an old friend I haven’t heard from in years! Or my husband. Maybe he wants to go out tonight. Should I get a babysitter?

The little red light calls to me. It’s LED ADD. Willing me to pick up my BlackBerry and check it. So I do. And it’s….my daily HGTV eNewsletter. Darn.

Musical Monday – Shake It

You still have a few hours to enter my giveaway to win a 30 day supply of IdealShape’s Weight Loss Shake! It has:

* Proven Hunger Blocking Ingredients Slendesta/Whey Protein/Fiber
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It’s easy! For details on how to enter, check out this post . Stay tuned for my giveaway of the complete program, coming soon! In honor of my giveaway, my Musical  Monday is Shake It by Metro Station. You can watch  it in the sidebar. Happy Monday!

Aloha Friday #17

Aloha Friday

Kailani at An Island Life does Aloha Friday and here is what she has to say:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question to you is:

What do you do to stay healthy?

As I’ve been working on getting healthy and losing weight, (you can read more about my progress here) I’ve realized it isn’t about a “diet”. It’s about a full lifestyle change. I’m excited to be getting such great results with IdealShape. This week I was down another 2 pounds, but most importantly, I’m down a little over 4% body fat and 4 inches in my waist and hips! Woo hoo! I’ve loved IdealShape so much that they’ve given me the chance to do a couple of giveaways! This week, I’m giving away a free 30 day supply of their fantastic shake. That’s a $50 value! Take your pick of Milk Chocolate or Smooth Vanilla. To enter, simply comment on this post with your answer to Aloha Friday, along with your choice of flavor. Coming up in the next few weeks – I’ll be giving away the entire program! Want 2 more chances to win?

  • Write a post about this giveaway with a link back here
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Make sure you tell me in your comment if you blogged about this giveaway or subscribed. Good luck! This giveaway ends on Monday, February 22nd at 10 AM. I’ll contact the winner via email.


I’ve been really, really busy lately and when I get too busy, I don’t blog. Which I hate. So this week, I’m doing a slash/slash/slash post which = Aloha Friday #16/What I Learned This Week/The Diet – Post 4, Day 32.

Aloha Friday

Kailani at An Island Life does Aloha Friday and here is what she has to say:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question to you is:

When you don’t have time to blog, do you write things down and try to blog about them later? Or do you just let them go?

I write things down…but I’m so far behind I don’t know if I’ll ever really post about them! Besides, who wants to hear my thoughts on American Idol Season 8 anyway?

What I Learned This Week

It’s not my birthday that make me feel old, it’s my kids birthdays. Especially when my baby turns 7…going on 17.

Lila 7th Bdaysm

You can see the glass half full or half empty. I chose half full.

Beyonce really is the hottest chick in the gamewearing Jay Z’s chain.

The Diet – Post 4, Day 32

So…I’ve been a bad girl. Last week was a really hard week for me.

#1 – I’m a stress eater. I was feeling stressed about lots of things; planning a birthday party, PTA/Primary duties, regular old motherly/household duties, etc. I’m mean, seriously – how many outfits are my kids wearing a day?? Does anyone else do 10 loads of laundry every few days?? And who has time to fold it all??

#2 – When I’m busy, it’s hard to eat every 2-3 hours. I had a couple of slip ups too. I ate 3 pieces of Papa John’s pizza and a container of garlic sauce at Lila’s birthday party. I’m PRETTY sure that wasn’t part of the diet plan. Although the garlic is healthy…right? Right? Ok, who am I kidding. I get a FAIL stamp on my head for last week.

I was really anxious about going to weigh in because I’d been so bad. But believe it or not, I was actually still down 2 pounds! I’ll take it. And I was down 4 inches around his hips and waist after 2 weeks! Hooray! So it’s working even though I’m not making it any easier on myself. I feel a renewed sense of motivation this week. 2 reasons why:

#1: (Why am I always making lists?…) Skyler gave me a very specific diet plan to follow for the next week. I love it because it’s easier for me to follow something that tells me EXACTLY what to do.

#2: The new CD we are listening to helps you figure out what makes you feel stressed out by identifying self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. Basically – am I stressed because I think I should be stressed? I don’t know. I enjoy doing all the things I do. Sometimes I just feel like it all comes at once. Maybe it’s all in my mind and I do have the time and resources to get it all done. Can I just change my attitude about it? We’ll see what I learn. If anything, I’ve already learned that these Mastering The Mind hypno-therapy CD’s put me into a coma. But I always seem to wake up right when they are done. Kinda creepy. Kinda interesting.

I’ve made a new and exciting goal for myself: I want to run in the Utah Valley Marathon! Who’s with me? When I was running intervals on the treadmill last night, I was able to do 5 sets at 8 MPH, my fastest yet! :) My friend Erica told me how much she loves to run fast (10 MPH) and I used to think she was crazy. Now I’m beginning to understand…

We’ll see what the next week brings! I’m feeling good…so bring it on!

Ready For Spring

It’s Groundhog Day today. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, which means 6 more weeks of winter. Phil is by far the most famous of Groundhogs, but there are lots of other groundhogs around the country that didn’t see their shadow. Who made Phil the King of the Groundhogs anyway? I choose General Beauregard Lee as my 2010 groundhog of choice. Mostly because I like his name. Out of 11 groundhogs, 6 predict an early spring, 5 predict more winter. I see the glass as half full today. See ya Winter!

Early Spring                                        Jimmy the Groundhog                  Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Early Spring                                        General Beauregard Lee               Snellville, Georgia
6 More Weeks of Winter                 Malverne Mel                                   Malverne, New York
Early Spring                                        Staten Island Chuck                       Staten Island (New York City)
Early Spring                                        Woodstock Willie                            Woodstock, Illinois
6 more weeks of winter                  Wiarton Willie                                   Wiarton, Ontario
6 more weeks of winter                  Punxsutawney Phil                         Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
6 more weeks of winter                  Spanish Joe                                        Spanish, Ontario
Early spring                                        Dunkirk Dave                                     Dunkirk, New York
Early Spring                                        Buckeye Chuck                                 Marion, Ohio
6 more weeks of winter                  Shubenacadie Sam                          Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

Musical Monday – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

The Grammys were on last night and it was Beyonce’s night! 6 Grammys! Her music has been everywhere, so it’s not really a big surprise. During her performance, she threw in her own little rendition of “You Outta Know” by Alanis Morissette. I got the feeling that maybe she was singing that on behalf of her mother…? So, in honor of Beyonce’s amazing night, I picked Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). You can view the video in the sidebar.

Did you miss the show? Here are a couple of highlights:

Beyonce – If I Were A Boy/You Outta Know

The Michael Jackson Tribute – Earth Song

Pink – Glitter In The Air

As for Album of the Year…While I agree that Taylor Swift is amazingly talented, I was sad that my Gaga didn’t win. :( Here is she performing Poker Face and with Elton John.

One last thought…as much as I like The Black Eyed Peas, they were sued for “stealing” songs and not giving the original artists credit a few too many times this year. I realize the creativity sparks creativity, but I don’t think they should have won a Grammy for a song they ripped off of another artist. Give credit where credit is due. Just sayin. But here they are performing anyway :)