Musical Monday – Pride (In The Name of Love)

Did you know U2 was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr to write Pride (In The Name of Love)?

Early morning, April 4

Shots ring out in the Memphis sky

Free at last, they took your life

They could not take your pride

The world was changed (and is still changing) because one man had a dream he shared. What’s your dream? How will you change the world? You can view the video for Pride (In The Name of Love) in the sidebar. Happy Monday and MLK Day!


  1. MarC says:

    Love that song. Also love Wikipedia: The song contains the erroneous reference to King’s shooting as “Early morning, April 4″, when it was actually after 6 p.m. Bono acknowledges the error and in live performances he occasionally changes the lyric to “Early evening…”.

  2. Tesa says:

    I love learning the background of lyrics. I had no idea about this one, amazing that I’ve been singing it all these years and didn’t know what I was actually singing.

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