An Open Letter To Murphy

Dear Murphy -

Someone (besides me) must have really disliked you. Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Nice namesake. Well, I hate you and your stupid law. I know I shouldn’t have left the water bottle filled with red Crystal Light within sight of an 11 month old. But if it weren’t for your law, my baby would never find a way to obtain the bottle, open it and dump the entire contents on a basket of freshly washed clothes in a matter of seconds. White clothes, for that matter.

Can’t you append your law to give exemptions to frazzled mothers on their last strand of sanity? If I have to scrub poo off the wall again within in the next decade it will be too soon.




  1. Mom says:


  2. Jo Lynn says:

    OH wow, that was totally my day yesterday! Anything I touched went totally wrong and it was by far the worst day ever….
    Thank goodness for a fresh start today, sorry about your clothes. I hope you can get it out, I boil water and then dump a cup of oxyclean in the water after I’ve turned off the stove and put the clothes in it, leave them for five minutes and then put in your washing machine. It seriously gets all the food/spit up and poop out.

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