Happy New Year!/(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Ok, ok, I know it’s already the 7th. But I’m just finally get back to normal after all the holiday/end of year madness!! And just to show you that it’s going to be another crazy year, I’ll post a pic of Boo’s favorite new outfit. Happy Nude Year!


  1. Kelley says:

    great photo…maybe the supersleuths are working on the case of the missing undies.

    Happy Nude Year to you too.

  2. That is so cute!!! It’s amazing how much children love being nude!

  3. Oh my gosh! Such an adorable photo. My son LOVED being naked when he was little. He used to cry after bath time when he had to get back into clothes.

  4. I LOVE this picture! My daughter is almost 3 and LOVES to be naked! I guess it started when we were potty training her. There are some things people without children will never understand :-)

  5. Lateshia says:

    Ha ha ha….with one long sock on! Great!

  6. Jane Anne says:

    Happy Nude Year! HA! That really caught me off-guard. Too funny!!

  7. LOL! I have a child that is near impossible to keep clothed. Cute picture.

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