This Is Way Too Cute!

If you want to see what she’s copying, check out the Beyonce video below. I don’t think I would show it to my kids – it’s pretty suggestive. But I still wish I had an alter-ego that allowed me to dance around in a leotard and heels. Beyonce’s alter-ego is named Sasha Fierce – Go Sasha! Hmmmm – what would be the name of my alter-ego? I’m going to go with Honey Sway I take it back…I’ve got to find a better name! :) )


  1. Oh my gosh Cammi, that is hilarious!!! Little girls are so stinkin cute when they dance….

  2. Amy says:

    That is so funny. Hey that little girl could be the next Beyonce! It’s funny because she even copied alot of her mannerisms! I like that song I have never heard it before.

  3. Kelley says:

    That is awesome….she really has got that down. Thanks for the smile today.

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