(At Bubba’s 9 month check-up this morning)

Dr: He looks great. Continue feeding him foods until he gets used to different textures. Just make sure to stay away from honey, cows milk and processed sugars.

Bug: Bubba likes to eat M&M’s. And the other night, he stole my sisters sippy cup and drank her whole glass of chocolate milk!!!

Me: **sheepish smile**

Musical Monday – Paramore – Decode

An After-Christmas Haiku

Stuff… It’s everywhere…

Clothes, toys, candy, and much more

Aaahhh, we are so blessed!

(Now if I could just get a maid over here to pick it all up and put it away – that would be wonderful!)

Max Has Super Powers

I don’t know why, but Max clenches his hands together and shakes when you ask him if he has super powers… Maybe he knows something we don’t??

My Busy Lila

Lila has been pretty busy this Christmas season! She had her first school Christmas program….

“Christmas is bells ringing ’round the town”

Her first ballet recital….

Lila and her best friend Madison

Our great neighbors and friends, The Murdochs (Madison’s family)

And she beat the pants off her Uncle Todd the first time she went rock climbing!

She does it all!

Chloe’s 2nd Birthday

We had a blast celebrating Chloe’s 2nd birthday! When Chloe opened a pack of bath letters, she started singing the ABC’s for us. She’s such a cute girl!

She loved her opening her presents all by herself! We enjoyed frosted brownies instead of cake – it’s Chloe’s favorite.

Here we are singing Happy Birthday. Chloe almost burned her lips off, but she was successful in blowing out her own candle!

This Is Way Too Cute!

If you want to see what she’s copying, check out the Beyonce video below. I don’t think I would show it to my kids – it’s pretty suggestive. But I still wish I had an alter-ego that allowed me to dance around in a leotard and heels. Beyonce’s alter-ego is named Sasha Fierce – Go Sasha! Hmmmm – what would be the name of my alter-ego? I’m going to go with Honey Sway I take it back…I’ve got to find a better name! :) )

Easy Personal Gift Ideas!


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Musical Monday – All I Want For Christmas Is…

Easy? Ha!

Ever since I’ve come home from Hawaii, (click this link to check out my Hawaii trip post) I’ve had a hard time getting motivated. Maybe it’s the jet lag. Maybe it’s the holiday season. Maybe I’m just incredibly lazy. There is a bright spot though. In my unbelievable slothfulness, I have discovered a long list of falsehoods I used to believe to be true.

#1 – Sleeping in is easy

Sure, sleeping in is easy. It’s the screaming at Bug to eat breakfast at warp speed because she has to leave for school in 30 seconds that I hate. All while I’m drying her hair, searching for her shoes and tracking down the missing backpack at the same time. Right about now, I’m thinking that extra hour of sleep wasn’t worth it.

#2 – Not folding the laundry is easy

Again, the act of simply not folding the laundry is easy. But have you ever tried to find a tiny pair of 5 year old sized panties in 7 loads of unfolded laundry? It’s nearly impossible! I broke out in a sweat before I finally emerged with the dang things.

#3 – Microwavable dinners are easy

Those frozen burritos might look like an easy fix for dinner when you just don’t want to cook. But look again! The search for jeans (in the remarkably huge pile of laundry) that will actually button the next day – hard.

#4 – Skipping a work out is easy

Curling up on the couch with a steamy mug of hot chocolate while the kids are napping instead of busting a move with Shawn T and your Hip Hop Abs video might sound inviting. But avoiding having your picture taken because your upper arms look like thighs growing out of shoulders? Hard. The being uncomfortable while sitting down because the muffins you scarfed down at breakfast 3 weeks ago are now muffin tops? Hard.

So in my quest to be lazy, I’ve discovered I’m actually making life harder! Lesson learned.