I’m Thankful For… The Late Edition

Ok, Ok, I know I’m a few days behind! But for good reason. So here are a few more things I’m thankful for.

Day 22 – Second chances!

Day 23 – The internet. I’m trying to pack for a trip to Hawaii in 4 days (HOORAY! :) ) and it has become quite the challenge. 3 kids under 5 on an airplane for over 6 hours?? Thanks to the internet, I can simply Google “Travel Plane Children” and be directed to a plethora of different sites with tricks and tips I never would have thought of myself.

Day 24 – Friends and Family that have more experience than me! So here’s where you come in… anyone have some great tips for me regarding travel with kids? I need tips for the plane or even tips for packing. I’m up for anything. Help!


  1. Paige says:

    Wow, good luck with the traveling! That is a long flight. Lots of movies and snacks. And stickers — JoAnns has them in our dollar section right now, books of 200 and that helped Laine stay quiet for a long time during sacrament meeting today. My kids really like having their own backpacks when we travel and I’ve liked it because then all their stuff is separate. I’m sure it will be stressful but all worth it!

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