I thought I was middle ground…

I’m not fancy, not sloppy, not rich, not poor. I always thought I was middle ground. That is until I read this article in the O Magazine, The Six Objects of Desire. Object #1 – The Bold Shoulder Bag. The Deal? A $39 bag from Nine West. Not Bad. The Middle Ground? A $398 Coach bag. Hmmm. If you ask me, that’s a pretty big jump from The Deal to The Middle Ground! Don’t even ask about the high end unless you are ready to drop what would be equal to a mortgage payment on a purse. Skip to Object #3 – The “Wow” Necklace. The Middle Ground? A $398 Elle Tahari. Object #6 – The Coat That Makes An Entrance. The Middle Ground? A $693 Mackage coat. Ha! Who does Oprah think we are anyway? Seriously?


  1. Lateshia says:

    OH MY!!!!! Oprah is crazy…thats what.

  2. That is ridiculous – I think that makes me negative class…

  3. Nesa says:


  4. Kristi F says:

    That IS crazy! I must be the way lower class! HaHa! How are you anyway? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. We should get together one day. I don’t work anymore, so my days are pretty open!

  5. Paige says:

    I can’t even remember the last time I bought a bag. So she brings Suze Orman on the show to preach her money doctrine to us and then publishes a magazine that tells us to spend way too much money for this season’s bag? Doesn’t mix.

  6. Amy Jensen says:

    Seriously, is right! I swear I don’t by ANYTHING anymore unless it is $25 or less so I guess my middle ground would be $30???

  7. Jo Lynn Meirovitz says:

    That is crazy!!! Hey, are you still checking out my blog even though you have this new website? I’m missing your comments…

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