Fringe is the new JJ Abrams show on ABC and I’m hooked. I was a hardcore ALIAS fan though, so I knew I would like Fringe too. Has anyone been watching it??  I need someone to share speculations with….

Want my recaplet of Episode 1? (Yes, recaplet. It’s the small version of what a recap should be.) Check it out HERE. I’m working on the recaplets of episodes 2-4 and should have them up soon. You can also catch up by watching the full episodes on


  1. Ryan Kepoo says:

    Yo sis i made a new blog haha

  2. Amy Jensen says:

    I haven’t watched it yet but I have heard it is really good and I want too. Do you think I could start now???

  3. Mom says:

    Ryan and I love this new show!

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