Become The Fantasy

The September 8th issue of Sports Illustrated has a hilarious Point After titled Please Don’t Ruin My Fantasy. Some ladies got together and started a group called WAFS, Women Against Fantasy Sports. They even sell panties that say CLOSED FOR THE FANTASY SEASON and shirts that say I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR FANTASY. My question to WAFS  is “Have you tried playing?” If no, “Why not?” If yes, “Did you lose?” Ladies, let me let you in on a secret. Fantasy sports are fun. Sure, the first year is a little scary. You may be relentlessly ridiculed for asking questions like “Who is LT and why does everyone want him?” or “Isn’t Adrian a girls name?” But the payoff is worth it all. I’m now in my 4th season of Fantasy Football and during the games I spend time with my husband that we both enjoy. I challenge you to find me a guy who isn’t impressed that I know how many yards Larry Johnson had in the last game.  WAFS, you want your husband to think you’re a fantasy? Join his league next year. I guarantee his answer will be “You are!”


  1. Jason-Becky says:

    Cammi I totally agree Becky needs to get into Fantasy sports. She is planning on it next year, but hey she is going to shoot her first deer this year so one thing at a time. I love your website, kind of crazy seeing those pics of my bro. Take care and go BYU.

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