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1. I’m terrified of bees. TERRIFIED

2. I like to do “projects”. Don’t ask me what sparks it, but I often find myself at Roberts buying things I never thought I would. Some of the projects turn out great, some of them I hide at the bottom of the garbage can so Marc doesn’t see them.

3. I have a terrible memory unless it has to do with music, lyrics and/or happened when a song was playing. Then I could give you a detailed play by play and sing the song for you, along with all the background vocals. (But I won’t!)

4. I’m a crier, which is weird for me because it just happened in the last couple of years. Maybe I just didn’t cry for so long that my eyes are taking revenge. So now I cry all the time. Sometimes because I’m happy, sometimes because I’m sad. Or maybe because someone I don’t know is sad and I saw a story about them on the news. Or a Johnson’s baby commercial was on the TV. Or I hear a really great song on the radio….

5. I don’t laugh out loud when I’m watching something funny like a movie or tv show. I don’t know why – I just don’t! But it doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s funny!

6. I have double jointed fingers.

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  1. Paige says:

    That’s kind of a freaky picture, like the mummy hand is sneaking up at your door.

    That crying just might be from being pregnant for a couple of years in a row, you do have 2 babies at your house. Those hormones do weird things. My poor husband is still wondering where the girl he fell in love with went. So am I for that matter.

  2. michelle murdoch says:

    I have never seen your double jointed finger. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. Dallin and Megan says:

    Happy Birthday, Cammi! Hope you’re having a great day!

  4. Shropdog says:

    I had no idea about some of those things about you…and I have known you for how long?? Don’t worry I will be getting around to doing my blog so I can post the messy house thing that you tagged me with! Amy

  5. Jamie says:

    Man, I don’t check up on ya for a little while and there are like a million posts! I’m so proud. Thanks for the tag- that was for me right??? Also the tag with the rooms in your house, I have to say I’m totally impressed. Thanks for really keeping it real. I’m glad to see there are other women out there who don’t have freakishly immaculate houses. (Although, yours still looks a thousand times better than mine) Love reading your blog!

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