The Hills – Season 4, Episode 1

If you like The Hills and haven’t watched the season premiere, stop reading now. If you don’t like The Hills and/or “reality” shows, stop reading now. Last warning – if you don’t want to read my ramblings about people I don’t know and will never meet, stop reading now.

Lauren runs into a guy she used to date in high school – Doug. They end up going out on a date. He’s cute but after seeing the sneak preview for the season, he gets a:

At some point he starts to date Stephanie, Spencer’s sister, behind Lauren’s back! I knew there was a sneaky reason why they brought Stephanie on to the show. I’m sure she is going to cause some major drama this season.

Spencer has moved back in with Heidi just in time for her sister Holly to visit. Heidi didn’t tell him Holly was coming and hopes to get home before she arrives. Of course, Holly is early… Spencer and his flesh colored beard are oh so thrilled:

I already hate Holly and she’s been on the show for 2 seconds. So of course, she is going to move to Hollywood so she can be on the show all the time. This picture says it all:

Audrina and Lo are still fighting, so Lauren decides throw Audrina a birthday party to try and smooth things over. Lo is stuck up as she always is and doesn’t hang out at the party. Lauren tells her that she has to talk to Audrina and apologize. Lo’s “apology” is a sorry one. Here is my version:

The clips from the upcoming season look pretty dramatic. There are so many questions to be answered…Will Whitney find love? Will Lauren forgive Stephanie and Doug? Will Audrina and Lauren become frenemies? Will Heidi and Spencer survive the envasion of her wanna-be sister Holly? Oh the drama! I’m looking forward to this new season :)

Making A Habit – Day 3 Update

I woke up today at exactly 6:29 on my own. Hmmmm – very interesting. My Aunty Lily posted this comment on my first post: “An ounce of morning is worth a pound of afternoon.” I love that! I’m finding it to be true. Here are a few motivating discoveries to keep me going:

1 – It’s not as hard as I thought it was going to be
2 – I’m not as tired as I thought I would be
3 – Yesterday I washed, dried and folded 4 loads of laundry before 11 AM. That’s never happened before. It could possibly happen again :)
4 – Today I made a waffle and bacon breakfast for the whole fam at 7:30 AM with dry hair.
And this was after taking a shower. Amazing!

Maybe I’m just being tricked…

Make A Habit in 28 Days?

I love to sleep. I’m terrible in the morning. But I have a much better day if I get out of bed, get ready and get a few things done before my kids attack. This means I need to get up before or around 6:30. I know, I know, 6:30 isn’t that early in the real world. But in my world, it’s extremely early.

So they (whoever “they” are) say it takes 28 days to make or break a habit. I’m on a quest to find out if that is true. If I get up around 6:30 for 28 days, will my body adjust to waking up early? Will I start to wake up on my own without my blaring alarm going off? I don’t know.

Why am I telling you this? Accountability, people! If everyone knows that I’m trying to wake up early, will I actually do it?? I guess we’ll find out! Today was Day 1…wish me luck!

Musical Monday – Jonas Brothers

This is for Lila. She thinks her boyfriend is Nick Jonas…. And I’m feelin this song. Don’t judge me.

Saturday In The Park

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Flashback Friday – Cosmo

Last night Marc and Dan Parkinson bravely took the kids to BYU to meet the athletes and Cosmo at the Cougar Kickoff while Rhianna and I played Bunco. Not only did we have a fun night with the girls, it looks like the guys had a great time with the kids! Can you believe these two with double strollers??? I bet 5 years ago they never would have guessed they would have 5 (!) kids between them.

They had some fun activities for the kids and as usual, Lila jumped right in. She is definitely built to be an athlete. She’s even running with the track team in flip flops! I love the second picture. The other kids are just jogging along – but not Lila. She’s full out running with her hair flying!
Now for the Flashback. Lila took a picture with Cosmo last night, but I still remember the first time she met him in September 2005. We pointed him out to her while the game was going and once she saw him, she couldn’t wait to meet him. She kept screaming, ” ‘Osmo, ‘Osmo!”Cosmo was standing on the field and we ran down to catch him. Lila didn’t even hesitate to jump to him across the railing. But she looked a little scared of him last night!


Fantasy Football Draft – August 30th at 10 AM. This year, the title belongs to MsBlaserIfUrNasty. That’s right, boys. Bring it on!

“No, my first name ain’t Baby. It’s Cammi – Miss Blaser if your nasty!”

The Dentist Appointment – A Haiku

I look like Two-Face
My Mouth – It is so droopy
Numb, please go away

Musical Monday – Def Leppard

Because everyone needs a little hysteria in their life… and because Joe Elliot has a rockin curly mullet in this video.

Flashback Friday – Cinnamon Bears

The classroom smelt like sweaty playground rocks and I was feeling a little rowdy, which was unusual for me. Especially unusual since I was a first grader who was bent on being the teacher’s pet. (And I was)

When Mrs. Stott announced it was time to take out our math books, I quickly squeaked open the top of my desk and saw my book sitting right on top of the pile of school supplies inside. Giving into my mischievous impulse, I grabbed my book as fast as I could and slammed it into the still open desktop. It closed with a loud CLACK! Mrs. Stott’s head snapped to look at me. She smirked and then shook her pointed finger in my direction.

Great. What did I have to go and do that for? I’m really in for it now.

“Class”, called Mrs. Stott. “Class, I want to everyone to learn from Cammi’s example. Can I have your attention please?”

She wants to make an example out of me?

My cheeks were starting to burn. I could feel the gaze of 20 little eyeballs jabbing into me.

“Did everyone notice what Cammi just did?” said Mrs. Stott. “I certainly did.”

The heat from my cheeks jumped up into my earlobes. There was no hiding my embarrassment now.

Mrs. Stott reached into her desk as I groaned inside.

My Mom is going to kill me when I bring home a “Naughty Note” for her to sign.

“Class, I have a cinnamon bear for Cammi as a thank you for being such a great example.”

A what? Did she say cinnamon bear?

“I asked you to get out your math books and she did so in a quiet, quick manner without visiting with her neighbor.”

I think my ears are broken. Quiet? Wait, is she still talking about me?

“I’ll be handing out treats all year to those who are setting the example of behaviors I would like to see in my classroom. Here you go, Cammi!”

I reached out my little shaky hand and took the cinnamon bear from Mrs. Stott. I managed to say thanks without looking directly into her eyes.

I hate cinnamon bears. Yuk!

Not only did I hate the cinnamon in cinnamon bears, I hated the way they always seemed to stick to your teeth, no matter how carefully you chewed them. So what did I do with the cinnamon bear? I un-wrapped that sticky bear and ate it like it was the most wonderful treat in the world while the rest of the class looked on.

Besides, would such a sweet face do anything naughty in the first place?? J