My Pretty Princess

Lila on her way to a princess birthday party.

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Calling Daddy

Chloe is so funny when she calls Marc on the phone. She talks and talks…mostly in gibberish, but she throws a few words in here and there. I tried to catch her talking to him this morning, but he was home so he ruined the surprise by walking around the corner. I love the look on her face when she realizes he was here.

Happy Birthday Ryan!

My baby brother isn’t a baby anymore. In fact, he’s looking more like a man everyday. Love ya Bro – Happy 17th!

The Proof

He sure doesn’t like rolling over, but he’s happy once he gets to his tummy!

It can’t be….

Max is rolling over!! He won't be 3 months for 2 more days… My little jello baby is supposed to stay little :( I'll post a video once I catch him in action.

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Sad, Sad Feet

So I flip on the TV tonight thinking I would finally get to unwind and watch So You Think You Can Dance, only to realize IT ISN’T ON TONIGHT. What a crappy day. Seriously.

Happy Feet, Sad Teeth

It’s Tuesday,which means So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight! Hooray!!

I have my first cavity, found this morning at the Dentist. Boo.

Date Night

Dinner at Macaroni Grill and the Owlz game.

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Fun With The Cousins

Warrick and Violet came over this afternoon to play. We all had a blast!

Flashback Friday – Happy First Day of Summer!

When I think of summer, I think of beaches. Aaaaaa, beaches.

Hawaii 2004

Cabo 2005