Yesterday, Max joined our family at 1:42 PM. He weighs 8 pounds, 1 ounce and is 19.5 inches long. Daddy is proud and happy to have another “27th” birthday. Lila and Chloe are going to be great big sisters!! More to come…

"It’s Distracting"

Happy birthday to my favorite Mark! (with a “k”) We had to treat the birthday boy to lunch at Hooters. It was a blast! And now Lila keeps saying, “I love Hooters! Hooters are owls.” :)

Happy Due Date!


And yes, I’m still pregnant. Due date is tomorrow….

Happy Easter!

It felt a little out of place having Easter in March, but we had a fun Easter this year. On Saturday, Lila and I dyed eggs and Lila decorated them like zoo animals.

Sunday morning I had Easter baskets waiting for Lila and Chloe. Chloe LOVES Donkey from Shrek. She will watch The Donkey Dance on Shrek the Third over and over if I let her. I found a really funny split ring inner tube with a Donkey head on it at the Dollar Store and I thought it would be a funny non-candy thing to give her. Well…. her reaction wasn’t what I was expecting. She stared at it for a few minutes, terrified. She even shook a little. I had enough time to find the camera and take a picture before she moved from her spot! She eventually warmed up to it and even took it with her into the bath later that morning.

We went over to Grandma Susie’s for Easter dinner and an Easter egg “hunt” in the backyard. Lila has quite the age advantage over the other grandkids, so she made off with most of the loot. But Chloe was still happy with the one egg she found! Grandma and Grandpa B and Todd also came over for a visit. It was nice to spend time with the whole family! Easter really got me ready for spring. It’s so nice to be able to play outside.

Just Because

Time Flies

Yesterday I took Lila to the “big school” for Kindergarten registration. She was really excited as we walked through the doors, but she still held on to my leg tight. It made me feel a little better about having to let her go be her own person in a few months. I can’t believe that I’m a mom of a 5 year old. I still have vivid memories of going to Kindergarten myself!

The administrator at the front desk looked at me like I was a crazy person when I handed her Lila’s birth certificate. She asked if she had to put her full name down on the roll or if it was ok to list a nick name. I told her she didn’t have a nick name, but I couldn’t keep a straight face. So she will have Lila Blaser listed on the roll instead of Malilakai M Blaser. She asked me if we pronounce her name Malachi. (Seriously?!? Only in Utah…) Nick name or full name, she will still need to correct every teacher she has for the rest of her life. If they don’t call her Malachi, they will call her “Lie-la” instead of “Lee-la”. Sorry Lila!

We sat down at a table in the hallway to fill out paperwork and 3 Hispanic kids stopped and asked me in Spanish what we were doing. (I’m guessing on the translation) I guess that will just be another challenge Lila will have to deal with. I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked to translate something in Spanish in school or even by complete strangers in a store….

I was also asked to join the PTA. Am I really old enough to have 3 kids, one of which is in elementary school, and be participating in bake sale fundraisers? I guess so. Time flies.

Pregnancy Update

I already have a very stubborn boy. It doesn’t look like I will have a baby anytime soon. Unfortunately, this is also the most uncomfortable pregnancy I have had! I now know what it will feel like to be an arthritic 90 year old and I look forward to taking advantage of my youth as soon as I have this baby!!! My “official” due date is March 25th but my scheduled induction date is not until April 2nd. So… keep your fingers crossed that I have him sometime this month! Why have I been so hopeful that I may have a baby soon – up until now? (TMI warning) I have been dilated to a 3.5 and completely effaced for over 3 weeks now. Sigh…. No contractions. Double sigh….

Baby Shower Pics!