Happy 2008!

We had a great time on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Marc’s Mom, Lynne, took the girls for the night so we could have a night off. It was wonderful! We went to dinner with Marc’s cousin Terra, her husband Dustin and their friends Han, Dawn and Brian from California. We became fast friends with Han, Brian and Dawn. They were great to hang out with – we had a blast. We went to Ruby River and had yummy steaks. Marc and I were just going to go home, but we decided to brave the cold and ride Trax up to SLC to see what was going on. Little did we know that it was going to be 9 degrees outside! I’ve never been that cold before in my life. I wasn’t as prepared to go out into the cold as Terra and friends were – she was completely decked out with thermals, a hat, gloves, scarf, and hot packs. We walked around for a while, checked out the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and then I couldn’t take anymore. We chickened out and went home. We were home in time to catch the ball dropping on TV. But we were able to sleep in – hooray!

New Year’s Day, Dustin and Terra rented a room at Noah’s in Lindon with a pool table and TV. We took my little bro Ryan’s XBox and played Rock Band too. It was so fun! We took the girls with us to Noah’s and they played with Ashlee, T and D’s daughter. Thanks again to Terra and Dustin for making our New Year a great one! No matter what your friends say to convince you to go home to Cali, we are glad you are here in Utah!

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