Kick In MY Pants

Yes Rhianna – I feel the same way when I check everyone’s blogs and they haven’t been updated in weeks. Sorry, I’M GUILTY! Things have just been so crazy lately that I haven’t really had time to post about it all. Stay tuned. One day you might check my page and see 20 new posts….

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! You don’t look a day over 29 ;)
Thanks for all you do!

HSM 3?

Any other Mom’s out there sick of High School Musical? This HSM is a little more real than what we see on the Disney Channel….. (DISCLAIMER: This clip is from Saturday Night Live and a little crude, but hilarious!) Sally? I know you agree with me :)

Dance, Dance….

Last night I had my final dance class along with our “recital”. It was so fun to take a dance class again – even though my body rolls look more like body slides and my high kicks are very, very low kicks with my big belly. I almost made it through the last 8 weeks without falling down…I biffed it last night :( But I wasn’t hurt, just embarrassed!

My loving husband came to support me with roses in hand (yes, again!). He made me feel good about bumbling my way through the dance. Maybe next year I can impress him with real leaps and turns!

New Alicia!

I downloaded the new Alicia Keys album from iTunes and listened to the whole thing all at once. And it’s great! I admire her for the music she writes. I don’t know that I would be willing to pour myself into music like that and know that millions of people are going to listen to it. Go out and buy it! :)


Has anyone else seen the Charmin toilet paper commericial with the “Momma” Bear and the “Baby” bear? Baby Bear has a bunch of toilet paper stuck to his bottom and the Momma Bear tries to vacuum it off?? I keep thinking this disturbing commercial will go away, but no. I just saw it again and hope to never see it again. Did Charmin really think the mental picture of trying vacuum little bits of toilet paper stuck in the hair of a bear’s bottom would make you want to run out and buy their toilet paper? Did I miss some brilliant marketing idea here?

My Mom’s Halloween Slide Show

Thanks Mom! :)