My Favorite Halloween Movie

I love You Tube – I can’t believe I found this on there!!! This movie is called “The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t”. Joe and I used to watch it on the Disney Channel all the time when we were little. I still think about it every Halloween. (Posted as 3 seperate movie clips – Part 1, 2 &3)

Cabin Slide Show

The Cabin – Part 3

We have just returned from our third (and final) cabin trip of 2007. It’s amazing how different each trip can be. We were able to take our friends with us and we had 5 kids in diapers between us – 6 kids total. Just 2 years ago, Lila was the only kid! We took a night drive this time and didn’t arrive until 3 AM Thursday morning. Thankfully, the kids slept the whole way and went back to sleep once we settled them into bed. I’m very grateful to Ed for leaving the cabin just a day before us. He left the heater on and it made our early morning arrival much easier

The days were crisp and the nights were freezing cold, but we had a nice hot fire going most of the time. Friday we went to Stanley Lake and went on a hike. Tony, Curtis and Dan attempted to go fishing, but didn’t have any luck. We crossed over the stream through a huge field and decided to take a short cut. We had to cross the stream by taking our socks and shoes off….BRRRRR! We had fun as a little family hiking around the lake. Chloe was bundled up in her fleece suit and didn’t make a peep the whole time. She loves to be outside!

Saturday the boys went on a hike while the girls hung around the cabin. Things got a little crazy being in such a small space with all those kids. So once the boys got home, had dinner, and settled into watching the BYU game, the girls took off to the Sourdough Lodge and had pie, milkshakes and onion rings….we have the right to splurge, right??
Sunday morning we had a visit by a bear. I’m surprised none of us heard him, but we were all probably involved with our kids. There were paw prints right up to the side of the cabin. He took a couple of bags of garbage along with my car bag that was accidentally left on the deck. I’m so glad I had taken my iPod out of the bag the night before. He did get away with 10 of Lila’s DVDs. She was left with Over the Hedge for the entire ride home…..
We had a great time. Thank you to the Parkinson’s (x2) and the Pugsley’s for going with us!