Marc sent me this email a few nights ago while I was out shopping and he was putting the girls to bed:

Lila came downstairs and said she was hot. I went to open the window. She said, “daddy, there’s no wind.” I said, “I can’t make wind, only Heavenly Father can.” She said, “how does he make wind?” I said, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask him in a prayer?” I walked out to the hallway and she got on her knees (not knowing that I was spying on her) and in her sweet prayer voice said: “Heav-ly Father, How do you make wind? Please make some for me, cause I’m hot. Just try, I know you can do it. Name a Jes-s Chris-, Amen.” Then she started to get back in bed and said, “I hope it works!” Daddy was proud!

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