Moles vs Nipples

Lila recently noticed that she has 2 little brown moles on her face and asked me what they are. I explained to her about moles and showed her a couple that I have because they look exactly the same. We also had the same chat about nipples. She wanted to know why boys can show them and girls can’t. (Boy, I wasn’t expecting to have to explain these sorts of things so soon…)

A couple nights ago, Marc got a scratch on his forehead that got a little scab on it. Lila asked him so sweetly at the dinner table, “Daddy, do you have a nipple on your forehead?” I quickly figured out that she meant mole and we had to explain the difference all over again. It makes me wonder if she’s been going around telling people she has nipples on her face…. I’m going to have concerned mothers calling me to ask what Lila is teaching their kids.


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