Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday was my birthday. This is a hard birthday for me because I will just get old from here on out. I’m a quarter of a century old! I started the day the usual way, coaxing myself to shower and dress and get the girls going. I was drying Lila’s hair when I kept hearing a persistent knock at the door. I went to the door with a sour look on my face because I figured it was the usual sales man wanting to know if we have soft water. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was my husband, with flowers in hand! Marc surprised me by taking the day off work to take me out on a day date! I was glad I had gotten dressed so early. I also burst into tears because I was so surprised. (That wasn’t the last time I cried either)

We took the girls up to my mother-in-law (thanks Lynne!). I told her how Marc had surprised me and cried again. :) We said goodbye and headed up to the new Multiplex movie theater in Daybreak. It was huge! And it had reserved seating, which was really cool even though we pretty much had the entire building to ourselves. Our movie didn’t start for a couple of hours so we walked around the shopping complex. We stopped at a shoe store (anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE shoes) and bought a pair. Shoes were buy one get one 1/2 off, so we bought Marc a late birthday present too. We made our way back to the movie theater. There is a large lobby full of different restaurants and you can take anything you want with you into the theater. We decided we would get some “snacks” since we were going to an early dinner after the movie, but snacks turned into pizza, bread sticks, popcorn and drinks. Oops.

We saw Stardust – a movie most people have not heard of. But it was so good! The first 10 minutes, I was worried about what kind of movie I had picked. It is a fantasy movie about witches and stars, so it takes a minute to figure out what is going on. The movie was a great mix of everything – it had action, a really good love story (cry #3), and it was very intense. I recommend it! Marc even liked it.

We were still stuffed after the movie, so we decided to go get ice cream instead. We made ourselves sick by splurging. We both got 2 scoops in a waffle cone. Yum, Pralines and Cream. My favorite. I had a sugar stomach ache, but it was worth it!!

We spent the night at home with the girls. It turned out to be a perfect day! Thank you, Marc, for once again being sneaky.

I also had/saw 2 of my favorite things today, Macaroni Grill and my friend Amy Jensen. We realized we have been friends for 9 years – it’s so crazy how time flies! We are busy working moms and I rarely get to see her, so I was so happy I got to go to lunch with her today. With all the talking and the bread, we only took about 2 bites of our lunches. I’m sure the waiter thought we were crazy. Love ya Amy!


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