We are on our way to the cabin – for the 3rd time this summer… Are we crazy or what? :) We decided to try a night-time drive this time instead of leaving in the early AM. We got the girls ready for bed in cuddly feet pj’s and hope they will plan on sleeping most of the drive. Marc has been listening to sports talk radio and I’ve been enjoying my iPod. I have a hard time listening to music in earphones because I have a chronic sing-a-long problem. I seem to log the melody and lyrics to every song I’ve ever heard somewhere in my brain and I feel the need to share that out loud with everyone around. I’m sure I sound a lot better with the music than without it. I’ve been watching the temperature on the rear-view mirror slowly inch down. We are currently at a chilly 48 degrees and it’s only 8:45 PM. I can only imagine what the nights at the cabin have in store for us! (For me that means large wool socks, gallons of hot chocolate, and a cozy feather comforter) Grand Jean, here we come!


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