A Jump Start on Halloween

I won a Trick or Treat plaque at Bunco last week and I wanted to put it out right away. (If you have known my family for a long time, you know that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays) I had to find something to go with it, so I headed over to Rod Works. I love Rod Works; it’s a cute little decor store just around the corner from our house. I found this little Boo sign and skeleton tea light holder and couldn’t resist.

Then I went to Walmart and saw a glass pumpkin jar my mother-in-law has on her table filled with candy corns and I copied her :) I put it next to the Trick or Treat sign and it went perfectly!

Now they are all on top of our gigantic TV. At least I am slowly but surely decorating our house….8 months after moving in :) I left the TV on for this picture because Mariska Hargitay was a better option than the reflection of me in my pj’s.


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