My Wise Cracker Knew….

We stopped at Panda Express on our way home from the cabin a couple of weeks ago and Lila was introduced to fortune cookies. Her fortune said “Try something new”. When Marc asked her what she was going to try, she thoughtfully said “Pepsi!” (Which we didn’t let her try)

Today I finally convinced her to try a PBJ sandwich. She doesn’t like the way PB looks…. When she took her first bite she said “Remember at Handa Mapress? My wise cracker knew that I would try something new!” She cracks me up!

PS – this is my first attempt at blogging on my BlackBerry, so I apologize if there is something weird about this post!

Yo Gabba What-a?

There is a new TV show on Noggin that Lila really likes called “Yo Gabba Gabba”. They have lots of music and the song attached below has helped Lila not leave her veggies out of the party in her tummy, but the show still kind of freaks me out. I mean, really – what is that big green thing supposed to be? And Elijah Wood was on yesterday teaching the kids how to do “The Puppet Master Dance”… Hmmm

Future Soccer Superstar

Lila starts her 4 and 5 year old city league soccer tonight and I couldn’t help but spoil her with a new matching soccer outfit. Even her new soccer ball matches…… :) Doesn’t she already look like a pro?

Luckiest Girl

Yesterday, Marc (in typical sneaky Marc fashion) had flowers delivered to me at work. Not just any flowers, but a dozen long stemmed gorgeous roses. What did the card say? Just Because. Love, Marc. How did I get so lucky???

The Cabin – Part 2

We have just returned from the cabin – our second trip of the year. We took my family (The Kepo’o Ohana) for their first trip. It is a long drive with a lot of little kids….but we survived and had a blast! Helen (my sister-in-law) was very brave and came along with their new baby, Violet. She is only 4 weeks old. We are glad they came!

Our first day, we relaxed and went to the Hot Springs. It’s fun to take people there for the first time because it is such a cool place and it’s hard to describe what it’s really like. Marc, Joe, Ryan and Lila all jumped off the big rock at the bend in the river – I can’t believe that Lila was so brave! (I need to get more pictures from my families cameras….more evidence to follow)

We went to Red Fish Lake on Friday. The water is really cold when you first get in and out, but once you are in, it’s nice. We bought a really nice baby carrier before this trip and Marc tested it out. He took Chloe on a hike around the edge of the lake. Here they are across the lake – can you spot the red backpack? Saturday we played at the cabin and did our chores – chopping wood & fixing and painting doors. I thought someone was dying every time Joe and Ryan went to chop a piece of wood but I guess they were getting a good workout! We played Shanghai every night. We also got into some intense Texas Hold ‘Em matches. I would like to brag that I won the Texas Hold ‘Em tournament – Marc, I’ll just take the money out of our account. But Joe and Ryan better pay up! :)
Thank you to the Blaser’s for letting me share the cabin with my family! And thank you to the Kepo’o's for letting me take you! It was so much fun to spend some time together as a family again.
The theme song for our trip has been provided by Ryan – he must have listened to this song 100 times. James Taylor “Blossom” This is for you Bro!

My Week Away

I left Marc alone with the girls last week for 5 days while I went to my company’s annual National Sales Meeting in Orlando. It was the longest I’ve ever been away from Chloe – I left on Tuesday and returned on Sunday. It was a LONG work week. Boy am I glad to be home. Getting up at 5 AM EST (3 MST) really wore me down. I turned into a zombie yesterday after I got home. Thank you Marc for giving me one more day off – I slept for 11 hours! I won’t blog about the meeting in order to stay in compliance with the company’s Blog policy :) But I will tell you that Marc did an amazing job while I was gone. He took the girls to 7-Peaks one day and brought them home happy and sunburn free! It looks like they had a blast. Chloe is now officially a Daddy’s Girl. I always knew that was the case since her first word was Da-da…… I’m so lucky to have such a great family!


I am a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m also a huge fan of (and still watch) SATC – even though it is extremely naughty. I was watching TV tonight and saw the commercial for Covet, her new perfume. I was surprised by it at first; but after rewinding the DVR and watching it 4 times then searching online for a website for the perfume, I realized her marketing scheme is pure genious. Her crazy eyes at the end draw you in. It was also very Carrie-esque the way she kicked in a window wearing Christian Louboutin shoes (the Manolo’s of today). Always fashionable. Love it!

Update: I found the commercial on YouTube!


A rhyme she says when picking between 2 things: “Bubblegum, bubble gum, in my hand, how many pieces is there left?”

When telling me how much she loves me before bed: “I love you as hot as a hot llama.” (she means lava!)

An occassional good morning greeting: “Good morning chick-a-dee!”

Right now her favorite movie is High School Musical. She sings along to every word, but only when she thinks I’m not watching :)

Lila is a sweetie pie – I love her so much!