The Cabin – Part 1

We went to the cabin a couple of weeks ago and I have been meaning to post about it for a while. I think I just needed some recovery time! We had a great time getting together with everyone, but there is really only one word that can describe the trip – HOT. It just wouldn’t cool down! Marc took this picture of our rear-view mirror in Boise just before we headed into the mountains.

I actually enjoy road trips. Marc always thinks I’m crazy because I can sit quietly and do nothing for hours. I like watching the scenery change from the city, to the country, to the desert, to the mountains. I always like to look at the little farm houses with tidy lawns and big green trees in the front yards, but are surrounded with fields of grain as far as you can see. They look so out of place! Maybe one day I’ll make Marc stop so I can take a picture of my favorite one.

On Sunday, we went to church in Stanley, Idaho. Behind the pulpit was a huge window that showcased the Sawtooth Mountains – it made it hard to concentrate on what the speakers were saying.

The guys left for their annual hike on Monday and left the women to fend for themselves with the kids. Lynne did a great job of getting together projects for the kids to do. Marc took our camera with him on his hike, so I don’t have any pictures of the fun things we did. If you want to head over to Paige’s site, you can see some pictures there. Luckily, they returned on Wednesday afternoon, just in time to celebrate Anna’s birthday!

I wore a bandanna for pretty much the entire trip for a couple of reasons; 1: it kept my hair clean(er), 2: it kept my head from getting sunburned, and 3: my Dad forced me to wear one every time we went camping when I was little and now it just doesn’t feel right without it. I decided to pass the tradition along and make Lila wear one for a little while.

We went over to a lake to go swimming and have a picnic one day. It was a blast – even with the altercation with the campground host. Eric caught a frog and the kids were thrilled Marc, Eric and Todd all got into the water with the kids.

Chloe loved to be outside. I had to watch her VERY closely though – anything she could get into her mouth went there. Ants, leaves, dirt, twigs, you name it, she probably ate it.

The hot springs were a highlight (as always). I’m so glad the cousins had a chance to hang out and get to know each other better. Thanks again to everyone for making it a great trip!


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