Spur of the Moment Camping

We went camping up Diamond Fork this weekend. Thanks to Aunt Barbara for letting us use her trailer! The camp site was nice – everything was concrete with a good picnic table and fire pit. Lila still managed to come home dirty from head to toe.

With hot dogs for dinner and s’mores for dessert, we were good to go! (almost) I’m a little rusty at packing for camping trips, so I forgot a few key items such as cups and syrup for breakfast. But we worked with what we had – thanks for humoring me Marc!

The girls were nice and cozy in the trailer. You can’t see Chloe, but she is the mass of blankets on the right. We had to set up a barricade so she wouldn’t roll off the bed during the night.

We went for a walk in the morning down the nature trail. It went past the river and had a few fun murals with information about the habitat and animals nearby. Lila made sure we stopped at each one. She loved the beaver dam replica! It was a gorgeous day.

Lila was set on winding the trailer down all by herself. She did a pretty good job but it was a slow process! She sure is a determined little girl.

We had a great time. I hope we can go camping again sometime soon. Next time I will be a little better prepared! Marc created the little movie below.


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