For Sally

Thanks Sal! I’ve never been tagged either. :)

The last person you sent a card to: Lynn Wardle, our attorney, for his arduous work on Lila’s adoption case! (I stole the word arduous from Marc – I had no idea it meant difficult and tiring. Now you know too!)

What I ate for lunch today: Tomato soup, 1/2 turkey sandwich and water.

Something I just learned: You can make homemade mozzarella cheese from curd in about 10 minutes. You do it by putting the curd in hot water and stretching it like taffy – who knew? Thanks Michael Chiarello!

My favorite song this year: Picking a favorite song is hard for me…..I’ll go with any song off of Nelly Furtado’s Loose album. No Hay Igual is a hot dance track, but I don’t understand one word!

The last book I read: The South Beach Diet….

What I’m wearing right now: Comfy black gaucho pants & Marc’s SportCenter t-shirt. Happy Monday!

Last phone call I made: To my Mom. I just barely checked the caller ID and saw she called yesterday….oops! I’m still not used to having a home phone.

Inside, I don’t feel very different from when I was: In high school. Outside is a different story!!

Last restaurant I ate at: Los Hermanos with the Kepo’o clan

My favorite tv shows are: Usually Desperate Housewives, 24 & Grey’s Anatomy but since they are reruns now, I pick So You Think You Can Dance! (sorry Sal, I had to modify this question slightly as I couldn’t pick just one favorite!)

I tag Paige!


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