Happy Birthday Ryan!

You’re my favorite little bro – love ya!

Greatest Invention EVER

At 9:55 PM tonight, I had a sleepy 4 year old and a sleeping 6 month old in the car. Wouldn’t you know – I remember that I need a gallon of milk. Unfortunately, my husband was gone on a scout camp-out for the night but I knew the milk couldn’t wait. I could already hear the screams coming from Lila when I tell her we are out of milk and she can’t have a glass with breakfast. The thought of getting the girls out of the car in their sleepy state made my stomach hurt – the thought of wandering through Wal-Mart made my stomach hurt worse. It will take at least 30 minutes to get the milk and through the check-out line. I happen to be in Orem leaving my mom’s house and I remembered a new store that opened on 1600 north – a drive-through market! It was like the clouds parted and a rainbow shined directly on my car. I hurried over there (just a 2 minute drive) hoping I would get there before they closed at 10 PM. A cheerful teenager greeted me at the door of the drive-in and handed me a menu – a wonderful menu with things such as milk, bread, eggs, salad, lunch meat, frozen pizzas and 1/2 gallons of ice cream listed. Looking at the menu made me remember a couple of items I was missing at home. I quickly rattled my list off to the girl because I was afraid she would be mad I pulled up right at closing time. She scurried into the store and came back 30 seconds later with all of my items, which she promptly put into my trunk. I handed her my debit card and we were done in under 3 minutes! I made it home before 10:15 with both of my girls still asleep – hooray!!

I am so incredibly happy with my experience that I wrote a haiku:

Seasons, oh great store
You have saved my sanity
Please build one near-by

Pet Peeve….

Why must every child in the neighborhood come to my house to use the bathroom? I mean, they live 50 feet away – don’t they want to go use their own personal bathrooms??? (No….. no, they don’t.) Lila always comes flying in the door at 100 miles/hour and uses her own potty. I know she must not use the neighbors bathroom unless she goes 2-3 times an hour. I can’t possibly be the only mother on earth who can’t stand this…. can I???

Families Can Be Together Forever

Yesterday, we had our beautiful Lila Bug sealed to us in the Mt Timpanogos Temple. She was so cute in her white dress – and her eyes were sparkling!! It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you to all the family and friends who were able to share this special moment with us.

My Sweet Chloe

A couple of days ago, Chloe was determined not to take a nap. (Which is really unusual for her) So I put her in her high chair so she could watch me clean in the living room and kitchen. She got really quiet very quickly and I found her propped against her puppy toy, fast asleep.

For Sally

Thanks Sal! I’ve never been tagged either. :)

The last person you sent a card to: Lynn Wardle, our attorney, for his arduous work on Lila’s adoption case! (I stole the word arduous from Marc – I had no idea it meant difficult and tiring. Now you know too!)

What I ate for lunch today: Tomato soup, 1/2 turkey sandwich and water.

Something I just learned: You can make homemade mozzarella cheese from curd in about 10 minutes. You do it by putting the curd in hot water and stretching it like taffy – who knew? Thanks Michael Chiarello!

My favorite song this year: Picking a favorite song is hard for me…..I’ll go with any song off of Nelly Furtado’s Loose album. No Hay Igual is a hot dance track, but I don’t understand one word!

The last book I read: The South Beach Diet….

What I’m wearing right now: Comfy black gaucho pants & Marc’s SportCenter t-shirt. Happy Monday!

Last phone call I made: To my Mom. I just barely checked the caller ID and saw she called yesterday….oops! I’m still not used to having a home phone.

Inside, I don’t feel very different from when I was: In high school. Outside is a different story!!

Last restaurant I ate at: Los Hermanos with the Kepo’o clan

My favorite tv shows are: Usually Desperate Housewives, 24 & Grey’s Anatomy but since they are reruns now, I pick So You Think You Can Dance! (sorry Sal, I had to modify this question slightly as I couldn’t pick just one favorite!)

I tag Paige!

Owen Daniel Parkinson

Happy birthday to Owen Daniel Parkinson! Rhianna gave birth to baby Owen on June 3rd (just one day late – hooray!) He is so tiny and perfect. He looks like a ceramic baby doll you would collect and keep in a glass case :) They don’t stay small for very long, so enjoy him! I’m sure I’ll be over several times in the next few weeks to “give Rhianna a break”….. or just to steal her tiny baby for an hour.

Congratulations Parkinson Family!

Lila Blaser

Yesterday we went to court and finalized the adoption of Lila by Marc! She is now officially Lila B :) I was a little intimidated by the whole thing – it was so formal. Marc and I both had to be questioned on the witness stand. But Lynn (our attorney) was so nice and the Judge was good too. He even allowed us to break the rules and take a picture together. It was great to have our family there to support us. Thanks to Mom K, Mom & Dad B and Todd for coming!

Spur of the Moment Camping

We went camping up Diamond Fork this weekend. Thanks to Aunt Barbara for letting us use her trailer! The camp site was nice – everything was concrete with a good picnic table and fire pit. Lila still managed to come home dirty from head to toe.

With hot dogs for dinner and s’mores for dessert, we were good to go! (almost) I’m a little rusty at packing for camping trips, so I forgot a few key items such as cups and syrup for breakfast. But we worked with what we had – thanks for humoring me Marc!

The girls were nice and cozy in the trailer. You can’t see Chloe, but she is the mass of blankets on the right. We had to set up a barricade so she wouldn’t roll off the bed during the night.

We went for a walk in the morning down the nature trail. It went past the river and had a few fun murals with information about the habitat and animals nearby. Lila made sure we stopped at each one. She loved the beaver dam replica! It was a gorgeous day.

Lila was set on winding the trailer down all by herself. She did a pretty good job but it was a slow process! She sure is a determined little girl.

We had a great time. I hope we can go camping again sometime soon. Next time I will be a little better prepared! Marc created the little movie below.

Chloe’s First Moty Ride

Marc took Chloe on her first motorcycle ride. I just smiled and waved while my insides churned. She looks so peaceful – ignorance is bliss!