Day 6- August 6th

You know you’ve been wanting to make a video like this too…. :)

Day 5 – August 5th

I’m only halfway thoughtful and I’ve wanted to change that for a while. I think about people all the time and then never tell them about it or check in with them. So today I decided to write down the things I was thinking into actual note cards and drop them in the mail. What a crazy idea! It was quicker and easier than I thought it would be. I also love getting real mail, so I hope those I wrote a note to love getting a card too.

Want To Help?

If anyone would like to help me collect items to donate to the Community Action Services and Food Bank when I go to volunteer, that would be awesome! They are looking for these specialty kits to be donated. You just compile the new items listed for each kit and put them into large Ziploc bags to be given to families. Back to School would be a big thing right now and with items being so cheap at Walmart, you can just throw a few extra items in your cart while you are there. It also breaks my heart to see the items needed for Newborns and Children. I feel so blessed Marc and I are able to provide these basic needs to our family. My appointment will be on August 20th, 21st, 27th or 28th depending on availability and need so we have a few weeks! (I’ll update this with the actual date once the appointment is confirmed) I would be happy to pick up these kits or any other donations from you. I also included a list of their most needed food items. Or if you would like to come with me to volunteer, let me know! *Muah*

Back-to-School Kit

colored pencils
glue sticks
paper clips

Newborn Kit

new blanket
baby lotion
baby soap

Child Hygiene Kit

wash cloth
bath soap
floating bath toy
child size toothbrush

Adult Hygiene Kit

wash cloth
toilet paper

First-Aid Kit

cortisone cream
ace bandage
pain relievers
plastic gloves

Laundry Kit

dryer sheets
clothes basket

New Apartment Kit

laundry basket
frying pan
one set of new sheets
dish soap
laundry detergent
additional cleaning supplies

24-Hour Kit

small treats
emergency blanket
bottled water

Birthday Kit

cake mix
crowns (from Burger King)
small trinkets/toys

Kitchen Kit

small craft
baking powder

Cleaning Kit

cleaning supplies

Most Needed Items

Food drive items:

Canned Tuna
Canned Meat
Canned Beans and Chili
Canned Stews and Soups
100% Fruit Juice
Powdered Milk
Canned Fruits and Vegetables
Macaroni and Cheese Dinners
Peanut butter

Non-food items:

Toilet paper
Bar soap
Laundry soap
Disposable diapers
Feminine hygiene products

Day 4 – August 4th

King Dancer pose at Galina Summit Overlook. Elevation 8,400 ft. Just because I could. :) I should have put my back leg up higher….but I was wearing a dress! Maybe I’ll try again on the top of Timp.

Day 3 – August 3rd

Today I went down the chute. And I forgot to take a picture. Dang it. I’ll have to find an old picture of the chute and post it later. Here is the breakdown. The chute is a little spot in between 2 rocks in the Payette River. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate cold water. And it is FREEZING! I also don’t like being in “outside” water. The ocean, rivers, lakes, etc. I know, I know….a Hawaiian who is afraid of the water. I’m always worried I might get stuck or swept away.

Day 2 – August 2nd

August 2nd – Meditating for 30 minutes. This is harder for me than you might imagine. Someone always needs something from me. They need to be entertained, be read to, I’m cooking for someone, playing a game with them, and on and on. Then when I’m not doing something for someone else, I’m reading or watching a show or cleaning or working or something! I hate feeling like I’m wasting time. I wanted to take just 30 minutes out of my day and do nothing. Just sit, think and have a clear mind. What better place to do that than at the cabin? While the Dads and the big kids were out on an overnight hike, I snuck outside and took some time to myself. It’s amazing how great you feel after hitting the pause button for just a few minutes! The sound of the creek running by and the clean mountain air helped too.

Day 1 – August 1st

August 1st – 12:05am. Time to start my birthday month off with a bang. Or just a good scare in true Kepo’o fashion. I’m lucky enough to be at the cabin so I have some fun things I’ll be able to do here that I wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else. First item to cross off my list: Complete the apple challenge = Walk from the cabin in the dark to the Payette River bridge and back without being killed by a wild animal, the Blair Witch, fear, loss of blood from tripping and cutting myself in the dark or anything else I can conjure up in my mind while jogging in the dark. Why is it called the apple challenge? Back when the Blaser family used to torture Todd, they would put an apple on the bridge, then bet him he couldn’t go get it off of the bridge in the dark and bring it back as proof of going all the way. Todd would go and gnaw the apple down to it’s core on the way back. It’s hard to explain just how dark and scary this road is at night without being there, but here is a video of the road (with a speed increase of 4x) during the day.

And here is a picture I took of myself on the bridge.

Yeah, it was that dark and I was too scared to stop and turn on the flash. On the way there, I heard something out in the trees. It was rock falling on rock, like something was coming down the hill towards me. I thought it was Marc trying to scare me. I yelled at the sound and said “If I mace you, it’s your fault!” and kept running. When I made it back to the cabin, he was there calmly playing a game of Shanghai with Todd. So it was probably a wolf or a bear waiting to eat me. Yikes. But I did it, I survived and I’m proud. It’s kind of an exclusive club. Todd and I rock.

The Time Has Come

The time has come for me to come to terms with something. I’m turning 30 this year. Not just this year, this month. August 1st marked the beginning of my last 30 days in my 20’s. August 31st is the big 3-0. I’ve been a little anxious about venturing into a new decade. I want to do something memorable. So I’ve decided to do a Cammi’s 30 things before I’m 30 countdown. I want to do things that are out of my comfort zone. Things that make me a better person. Something fun that I will remember. Things I’ve never thought about doing before. Or just things that I’ve wanted to do and now I have an excuse to hurry and jam it into the next 30 days. In no particular order, here is the start to my list.

  1. Walk/Run from the Blaser cabin to the Payette River bridge at night. (Apple Challenge) No flashlight.
  2. Read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover beginning on August 1st and ending sometime before 11:59pm on August 30th.
  3. Call someone and genuinely thank them for something. (Past or Present)
  4. Hike Timp again even though I said I never would
  5. Go down the chute in the Payette River.
  6. Cut my hair
  7. Sew something.
  8. Meditate for 30 minutes.
  9. Volunteer at the food bank
  10. Visit an old folks home with the family
  11. Go to a new temple (not Provo or Mt Timp) with a name I bring
  12. Do a King Dancer pose on the top of a mountain

I need more ideas! So send me yours. If I use it, I’ll give you a shout out and something cool. I haven’t thought of what yet, but trust me on it being cool. Help me ring in 30 and follow my journey here. I’ll be posting about each experience as I complete them. I have already completed 4 (5 by the end of today) so stay tuned for posts, pictures and video of what I’ve been up to!

Newly Inspired

Taking pictures on my new and completely awesome phone has re-inspired me to blog more. I want to have a journal of what goes on in our day to day lives – and not just in a Facebook status. And I’m also terrible about physically writing in my journal. Always have been, always will be I guess.

Lazy President’s Day

We had a lazy President’s Day today because I didn’t feel great. But at least it was a good day to feel sick. I talked the kids into spending the day in bed with me writing books. They would give me the text to write, then they would illustrate the story. They all have quite the imagination. Lila didn’t want me to take any pictures of her, but I snuck one in anyway. She is also keeping her story a secret until she is finished.

Max wrote his take on “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”. His book is called “Blue Horse, Blue Horse”. And let me tell you, it is the creepiest blue horse you’ve ever seen. (It sort of looks like Conan)

He was deep in thought about what color/animal to choose next. I love the way he bites his nails and crosses his little legs.

Chloe wrote a book titled “The Lion Saw A Duck”. Cliffnotes version: The lion sees a duck who ends up being poisonous (he has red stripes) and the duck chases the lion home. The exhausted lion just wants some warm soup and hot cocoa and offers the duck some instead of eating him.”

Note the green smoothie on her face.

This is all I could get out of Cole before he just wanted to scribble on the sheets.